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Come on England!!

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BorisJohnsonsHair Mon 11-Jun-12 19:07:51

PersonalClown I made reference to my soggy flag in my first post, but deleted it as I thought it sounded too much like a euphemism grin.

Thought the team did well - not quite the 2-1 win I predicted, but not bad.

Horsemad Mon 11-Jun-12 17:40:23


PersonalClown Mon 11-Jun-12 17:39:39


noddyholder Mon 11-Jun-12 17:32:50


PersonalClown Mon 11-Jun-12 17:32:15

YES!!!!!!! grin


Horsemad Mon 11-Jun-12 17:31:40


BadgersRetreat Mon 11-Jun-12 17:22:29

s'ok i got the telly on!

seems they are still warming up tho grin

PersonalClown Mon 11-Jun-12 17:06:20

Threaten strike action Badgers!!
Should be law that businesses find a TV to watch for international matches.
Would stop the amount of sickies being thrown.


Horsemad Mon 11-Jun-12 17:05:49

Woohoo! C'MON ENGLAND! Got my beer & pizza!

BadgersRetreat Mon 11-Jun-12 17:01:10

going to have to watch the online scores (can't stream coz IT will slap my legs)

or might try and get other Englisher in the office to form a united front and get the tv channel switched for the second half....

Lizzylou Mon 11-Jun-12 14:10:25

Racing home from work to watch this, will miss first 30mins hmm

I am going to be realistic/optimistic and go for a 1-1 draw.

I love Euro/World cups.

PersonalClown Mon 11-Jun-12 14:05:28

Beers are in the fridge, the flag is soggy hanging out the window and I've got my England shirt on ready.

I think it's going to be a tough game. France are 21 games unbeaten so far.

I'm going for a very tight, close 1-0 to us. ever delusion England/Spurs fan

BorisJohnsonsHair Mon 11-Jun-12 14:03:37

So is everyone English up for tonight's game? I think they might do better without spudface Rooney, he's been shockingly bad playing for England previously I think. Hoping some of the younger, less experienced members of the team might really go for it and actually win.

I predict 2-1 to England. Anyone else?

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