Enormous underarm boil... does this need a doctor?

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lemonsandgingerbeer Tue 22-Jun-21 13:48:48

Apologies for the stubble blush

This has come up over the last 4 days and it's super-annoying. Magnesium sulphate hasn't done much, nor have hot compresses (although it has grown pretty big pretty fast).

Should I get to the docs to have it drained?

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halfhope Tue 22-Jun-21 13:50:59

I'd phone a gp about it. I had one - they prescribed antibiotics over the phone after I sent photos. Mine eventually burst - it was a group of ingrown hairs. I tried mag sulphate too.

Mojitofairy Tue 22-Jun-21 13:53:25

Does yours offer econsult? Send that photo through, chances are they will prescribe antibiotics and can send the prescription to a pharmacy directly. No having to mess around then.

lemonsandgingerbeer Tue 22-Jun-21 13:54:52

@Mojitofairy I don't live in the UK, so I doubt it...

I have a weird numb feeling in my arm when I try to lift it above my head - feels ever so strange.

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linerforlife Tue 22-Jun-21 13:57:13

That looks nasty! GP pronto!

Mumdiva99 Tue 22-Jun-21 13:58:06

Ouch - that looks sore. Definitely get a photo when it starts to burst or a video get some medical advice.

NoEffingWaytoSurvive Tue 22-Jun-21 14:00:47

Time to see a doctor about that, it looks sore and infected.

And very importantly, we must see photographic evidence of the progress rubs hands


TaraR2020 Tue 22-Jun-21 14:01:20

Ouch, that looks painful, op! Definitely worth a gp visit i think

FelicityBeedle Tue 22-Jun-21 14:08:55

I’m normally the first to shout needle it but that looks like a GP job! Keep us updated nonetheless

Dannii2531 Tue 22-Jun-21 14:11:35

Yes you need to book an appointment with a doctor. My mam had a lump like that and it turned out to be a cyst not a boil. At first the doctor prescribed antibiotics (for a week) and when they didn't work she had to go to hospital to have it drained. When she got to hospital the doctor said it was too infected to have drained and it had to be cut out instead. It's better to get it checked as soon as possible.

Mumdiva99 Tue 22-Jun-21 16:31:41

I’m normally the first to shout needle

Aren't we all - that's why we are on the sporner board....

lemonsandgingerbeer Tue 22-Jun-21 16:42:04

Thanks all... went to the docs and got prescribed antibiotics and alternating hot and cold compresses.

We'll see how things go... and will try to capture the moment of truth for you grin

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halfhope Tue 22-Jun-21 17:27:43

I am glad lemons. My GP must be a secret sporner as she pronounced it 'fluctuant' from the photos and my description and suggested using a sterilised needle on it ! Thankfully it popped of its own accord producing 8 circular ingrown hairs that came out like barbed wire. I was secretly very impressed 😁

Fyredraca Tue 22-Jun-21 17:33:51

Ooh congratulations! Hope you get a spectacular eruption (makes the pain worthwhile).
Hope you feel better soon.

lemonsandgingerbeer Tue 22-Jun-21 17:51:40

woooah, EIGHT hairs, @halfhope! Epic.

I have a silly question... All the advice out there says to leave a hot compress on the area for 10-20 minutes - but my little towel goes cold after 5 and by then the bowl of water has lost its heat.

Do I just sit in the bathroom wetting the towel over and over again for 20 minutes to keep it warm?

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halfhope Tue 22-Jun-21 17:58:51

They were curled into a circle and looked like jet black barbed wire. I teased them apart and counted eight hairs. Was too shy to post the picture on here. And my lump was smaller than yours so you may yet produce something more epic 😁

halfhope Tue 22-Jun-21 18:01:22

Yeah I'd just wet the compress over and over to keep it hot. I waited a week before going to the Dr but it wasn't going down or bursting despite the Epsom salt baths.

Matildatoldsuchdreadfullies Tue 22-Jun-21 20:18:36

That,OP, is a thing of beauty.

Okay, I’m placemarking.

Howzaboutye Tue 22-Jun-21 22:26:48

Got any nappies in the house? If you put just boiled water on them they keep the heat amazingly (discovered this as a mastitis trick)

Mumdiva99 Wed 23-Jun-21 06:22:53

Or a hot water bottle or a heat pack you warm in the microwave would work.

HollyBollyBooBoo Wed 23-Jun-21 06:40:35

That looks insanely painful. Hope the antibiotics are kicking in.

TiddyTidTwo Wed 23-Jun-21 06:59:56


WrongWrhododendron Wed 23-Jun-21 08:03:34

I love your boil ... so much!! 🤣

MangosteenSoda Wed 23-Jun-21 08:13:27

Good luck with the boil OP!

Just marking my place for the gunk smile

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Wed 23-Jun-21 08:16:29


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