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Look at the size of them!

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bananafish81 Sun 06-May-18 20:35:19

So bounteous. So sizeable. Especially the ones that go 'pop' and jump out whole

twofloorsup Sun 06-May-18 20:48:39

Why would you let them get so bad !!
Mesmerising to watch though grin

RelentlessSylvia Mon 07-May-18 13:51:13

That's great but why not just squeeze them out yourself? it's not like there was any great mystery or technique to the extraction.

daffodilbrain Tue 08-May-18 23:04:15

If they can't squeeze their own blackheads I wonder what there teeth are like! It's a hygiene thing for me

Hateloggingin Tue 08-May-18 23:12:04

I enjoyed that video far too much grin

I’ve never had blackheads so I have questions! Are they just pores with dirt in them? Once they’ve ‘popped’ can you still see the hole? If so, does it fill back up with gunk? Why didn’t he do it at home? Why did some bleed? Where they real spots as opposed to blackheads???


Oldraver Wed 09-May-18 20:48:52

While I was really fascinated and little jealous...I also wonder why you let them get so bad.

Is this a medical condition of because of the heat ?. Is it a perfectly normal thing to go and get your spots squeezed occasionally ?

bananafish81 Wed 09-May-18 22:52:17

I think a lot of these videos are of patients in Vietnam, where I think chloracne from Agent Orange can result in massive blackheads such as here (and these videos are from therapists who run their own home beauty spas). This may or may not be the reason, I've no proof one way or the other, just something I've read

OlennasWimple Wed 09-May-18 22:58:58

I'm a bit hmm at the hygiene implications of the biro on the glove. Dr Pimple Popper has her specially engraved zit tool, guess they are trying to emulate that in a low cost way

bananafish81 Wed 09-May-18 23:02:18

It's to stop people from stealing their videos

Enilsa brown does it

People will steal the videos on YouTube and post them on their own channel, the biro on the gloves is basically like a watermark to make it clear who the original creator was

cindersrella Thu 10-May-18 00:41:39

I can't believe I just spent 10 mins watching this video. I liked it far to much... to the point of I was thinking, I could do this for a job... and wow look at that 😂

Bogmoppit Thu 10-May-18 01:16:54

I would not be able to be normal around someone with blackheads like that. I would become obsessed with them, wondering how to suggest I could pick them, making her my bff so we could do facials together or whatever.

It would be excruciating and I would come across like a total weirdo.

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