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Who wants to see my ear lump?

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Ollivander84 Fri 04-May-18 13:13:40

It's gone from very sore to less sore.. might be ready to pop

Annamadrigal Fri 04-May-18 13:29:04

Yes please! A live action squeeze too...

Ollivander84 Fri 04-May-18 13:32:13

The lump

MrsHathaway Fri 04-May-18 13:32:55



MrsHathaway Fri 04-May-18 13:33:11



Kraggle Fri 04-May-18 13:37:57

Ooh that needs a good squeeze. Or possibly a poke with a needle!

Ollivander84 Fri 04-May-18 13:38:17

I have squeezed and poked and tried a scalpel. Nothing angry

Diamond25 Sat 05-May-18 15:16:55

Get some magnesium sulphate paste & it will draw the head right up.

Otterseatpuffinsdontthey Sat 05-May-18 15:32:33

Have you had that piercing done recently? Just be very careful what you're doing - an infection can turn very nasty, very quickly.

Ollivander84 Sat 05-May-18 18:30:51

No, it's nowhere near a piercing. Hard to explain but I have a lobe piercing with nothing in, then two higher up which is what you can see in the pic
The lump is actually on my lobe where it joins my head!

Littlebird88 Sat 05-May-18 23:06:25

Oh i get these and they go away..and return. I presumed a gland and some response to a minor infection.

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