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Klaxon! Help

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YouCantBeSirius Sun 01-Apr-18 18:49:20

I've had pain under my breast for a couple of days. Discovered massive spot/pus filled thing that looks ready to explode!

donajimena Sun 01-Apr-18 18:51:29

Oh Wow! What is your plan?

MrsJoshDun Sun 01-Apr-18 18:53:52

Squeeze it!

RooDaisy Sun 01-Apr-18 18:54:25


Yogafailure Sun 01-Apr-18 19:45:22

That's a beauty..been growing away in peace, the little bugger. Heat on it and squeeze 👍🏼

abbsisspartacus Sun 01-Apr-18 19:52:19

Looks like a third nipple blush

TheOnlyAletheia Sun 01-Apr-18 20:06:30

Remember to record it for posterity!

ScreamingValenta Sun 01-Apr-18 20:07:53

I want one of those.

Atalune Sun 01-Apr-18 20:09:00

Hot flannel draw it out and then squeeeeeeeze. Make sure you video it and post here

Pastaagain78 Sun 01-Apr-18 20:10:28

Stab it! Unless you are breastfeeding, then be cautious blah blah blah. But if not, stab it!

ineedamoreadultieradult Sun 01-Apr-18 20:10:31

Squeeze it!

WhiteRabbitWhiteRabbit Sun 01-Apr-18 20:11:52

Oh mama!

<rubs thighs>

Squeeze it!

PeonyTruffle Sun 01-Apr-18 20:13:04

That’s impressive OP grin

SageYourResoluteOracle Sun 01-Apr-18 20:14:28

That's delicious looking! (Rubs thighs gleefully...)

I think you need help. I'm selfless, I know, but PM me your address. I've had a couple of glasses of wine so cannot drive but I can get an Uber! tbugrin

YouCantBeSirius Sun 01-Apr-18 20:16:30

Not breastfeeding but I am pregnant. Going to let DP at it. It does look like a nipple grin. Bloody thing hurts

Springforwars Sun 01-Apr-18 20:21:10

My Easter is downhill of op doesn't return. confused

SageYourResoluteOracle Sun 01-Apr-18 20:21:51

<whispers> you will get DH to take pictures won't you?

YouCantBeSirius Sun 01-Apr-18 20:29:13

I promise there will be pictures

KitKat1985 Sun 01-Apr-18 20:32:12

Squeeze it!

Springforwars Sun 01-Apr-18 20:32:52


YouCantBeSirius Sun 01-Apr-18 20:33:23

It won't pop. So much pain

Springforwars Sun 01-Apr-18 20:34:02

Rally troops! 😂

Springforwars Sun 01-Apr-18 20:35:06

Hot compress. As hot as you can bear to draw it up.

YouCantBeSirius Sun 01-Apr-18 20:35:11

Shall I stab it with something

LizzieDarcy1907 Sun 01-Apr-18 20:36:17

Sudocrem will draw it out lovely grin. Don't pop in case of infection!

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