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Ingrowing hair *pic*

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hotcrossbuns765 Sat 10-Feb-18 19:39:26

Just thought you'd all appreciate this hair that I got out of my DH's chin grin

wombatron Sat 10-Feb-18 19:40:08


hotcrossbuns765 Sat 10-Feb-18 19:40:32

Sorry heee is the pic

Badumdumdum Sat 10-Feb-18 19:41:42

Still no photo.

MimsyBorogroves Sat 10-Feb-18 19:42:37

1) you got stairs out of his face?

2) noooo, that's a spring! Fantastic!

unenthusiasticfuturedancemom Sat 10-Feb-18 19:46:31

That's extraordinary.

Well done OP!

Dodie66 Sat 10-Feb-18 19:48:43

Where’s ?
the photo

Poppyfields21 Sat 10-Feb-18 19:55:53

I can’t see the photo sad

hotcrossbuns765 Sat 10-Feb-18 20:28:59

Just logged on via safari. Hopefully these will work for those who can’t see them through app grin

TheQueenOfWands Sat 10-Feb-18 20:29:49


QueenOfCatan Sat 10-Feb-18 20:31:58

That's amazing!

hotcrossbuns765 Sat 10-Feb-18 21:21:55

Glad you all appreciate smile it was v v satisfying to get out grin

OlennasWimple Sat 10-Feb-18 21:24:32

Gosh, that's a beauty!

Tell us more about the extraction.....?

Muchtoomuchtodo Sat 10-Feb-18 21:24:47

How cool!

weemouse Sat 10-Feb-18 21:25:52

Holy fuck, get that in a frame, it’s fantastic

hotcrossbuns765 Sat 10-Feb-18 22:42:32

DH had been complaining about it all day whilst out shopping. Got DS to bed and grabbed the tweezers as it had quite a head on it. Gave it a squeeze and dabbed some of the pus away and saw the hair slightly. Rummaged around and pulled the beauty out slowly but surely. Couldn't believe how curly it was! DH feels much better apparently!

SeraphinaDombegh Sat 10-Feb-18 22:47:09

Ooooooh that's beautiful! Good work!

EduCated Sat 10-Feb-18 22:48:52

I genuinely thought you’d posted a random photo of a spring shock that is something truly special.

Badumdumdum Sun 11-Feb-18 00:15:59


hotcrossbuns765 Sun 11-Feb-18 10:49:00

You can see the hair coiled around some pus. It was a piece of art for sure.

Poppyfields21 Sun 11-Feb-18 16:35:05

Thanks for the photos- what a beauty!

branstonbaby Wed 07-Mar-18 20:09:28

This is AMAZING.

Thank you

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