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Bobbins43 Tue 27-Jun-17 12:39:40

The socks are on, people. So excited for the peeling. I didn't pre-soak though sad

Bobbins43 Fri 30-Jun-17 20:24:59

NO PEELING AS YET. Am very disappointed

missnevermind Fri 30-Jun-17 21:08:53

I did mine last week. Soaked then first and then fell asleep in the bootiesblush so they were on for about 4 5 hours. The yucky stage was fantastic and still have bits falling off now.

Bobbins43 Fri 30-Jun-17 22:05:05

I DIDN'T SOAK. Will it not work?

JuicyCake Fri 30-Jun-17 22:06:31

What is Footner? I thought it was a foot scrape-y thing. Sounds way more gross though!

Cynara Fri 30-Jun-17 22:11:25

Don't panic! I didn't soak either and had days and days of beautiful peeling. Nothing happened for the first 4 days and I was very disappointed, but once the peeling started there was no stopping it, it was fantastic. Don't worry, I'm sure it won't be long now.

ErnesttheBavarian Fri 30-Jun-17 22:26:25

I've done it twice. 1st time soaked. Nothing happened.

2nd time didn't soak. Peeled after 3 days. D soles of feet stopped pretty quickly. Disappointed TBH. Mind you, my feet were pretty manky. BUT, the tops of my feet are still peeling, nearly 2 weeks in. Total PITA. I never felt I had a top of feet problem. I do now though. And my heels are not really that much better.

Bobbins43 Sat 01-Jul-17 20:38:03


My right foot! Except I have company so I can't just sit downstairs peeling it off and going "OOOH!"

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