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Stood on this - what do I do? *foot pic attached*

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Worriedmumtoday Fri 09-Jun-17 11:50:03

Stood on this, went in about an inch, had to pull it out, think it's a piece of wood/plastic but very sharp.
Wound only small but quite deep and fucking painful shall I just leave it to heal?

silkpyjamasallday Fri 09-Jun-17 12:10:28

I managed to smash a glass in my bedroom as a teen, I had a sink in the corner and a shard of glass got caught between the tiles and the carpet, I didn't see it and stood on it and it went really deep into my foot and it was incredibly painful. But I still managed to perform in my ballet show the next day, I was the lead dancer so couldn't back out. It will ache and probably bruise quite badly but you'll be ok. Just keep it clean and dry, you shouldn't need to go to the doctor.

Worriedmumtoday Fri 09-Jun-17 14:24:08

Ouch @silkpyjamasallday that sounds mega painful!
Any tips ?
That's amazing being able to do that the next day! X

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