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Tonsillitis progression?

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Scribblegirl Wed 31-May-17 20:54:40

I have pictures of my tonsils over four days with tonsillitis. Would fellow sporners be interested in the charted progression growth?

booellesmum Wed 31-May-17 20:57:31

Hell yes!
(Obviously hope you're OK though!)

Scribblegirl Wed 31-May-17 21:06:16

Yay! Here goes. (Better now, thank you - just amazed by the progression and decline of the white spots!)

Scribblegirl Wed 31-May-17 21:06:32

Day 1

fairiesandelves Wed 31-May-17 21:06:40

Ooo yes please. Any tonsil stones too ?

Scribblegirl Wed 31-May-17 21:06:52

Day 2

Scribblegirl Wed 31-May-17 21:07:07

Day 3

Scribblegirl Wed 31-May-17 21:07:32

Day 4

Scribblegirl Wed 31-May-17 21:08:07

Sadly no stones! (I say sadly..)

I just love charting each white spot against each photo!

CherieBabySpliffUp Wed 31-May-17 21:08:42

Bloody hell that looks so painful!

Scribblegirl Wed 31-May-17 21:08:56

God my mouth is ugly!

Tillymintsmama Wed 31-May-17 21:16:00

oh you poor thing. Tonsilitis is horrible, I was hospitalised with it a few years ago....needed IV antibiotics etc... i had a 3 year old at the time, it was really grim.

How are you doing now?

I have never heard of tonsil stones btw!!!

Scribblegirl Wed 31-May-17 22:09:05

Just sitting at home feeling dreadfully sorry for myself... DP told me no one else would care about my white pustules. Delighted that he was wrong grin

booellesmum Thu 01-Jun-17 13:54:21

Oh wow.
Hope you are feeling better soon.
Awesome photos.

BusterGonad Thu 01-Jun-17 15:38:56

My husband had such bad tonsillitis that his tonsils were black!!!! BLACK!

Scribblegirl Thu 01-Jun-17 17:53:09

Eww!! Black tonsils... I'm counting my blessings!

For those following with interest here are today's super healthy tonsils! I swear to never take painless swallowing for granted again..

BusterGonad Thu 01-Jun-17 17:57:14

Liking good Op, the black ones cane in overnight, literally, went to bed they were pink, woke up and were black!

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