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Anyone fancy a Footner thread?

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laurzj82 Sat 15-Apr-17 12:04:11

Have my socks on as we speak. Anyone want to join?

firsttimemum15 Thu 20-Apr-17 13:57:36

Yes. I miss doing baby foot. I regularly google pics to look at the swert sweet results

RaspberryIce Thu 20-Apr-17 13:59:52

I do this every year, but i think last time i must have done it too soon after the last time as my feet felt a bit sore on holiday.

NiceCuppaTeaAndASitDown Thu 20-Apr-17 14:00:14

I'm pregnant so according to the packaging I'm not allowed.
My feet look like a pair of hooves at the moment though so I'm super tempted.

How bad could it actually be for the baby? It's nowhere near my feet!

LadyOfTheCanyon Sun 23-Apr-17 18:08:47

did mine last night. The soles of my feet already feel a bit papery. Last time it took a whole week to get to the good stuff.

GinAndOnIt Sun 23-Apr-17 18:11:26

Can I follow? I've never got round to trying it, but I'm desperate to. I want to do DP's too blush

firsttimemum15 Sun 23-Apr-17 18:43:18

Babyfoot is bettet than footner but love both. Great results i want pics. I feed my little one at night. I ordered babyfoor cut it open then said it do not use if bf so i had to bin it gutted.

My feet go itchy then dry then to the good stuff which just peels off like pva glue

firsttimemum15 Mon 01-May-17 11:29:10

Any pics or update OP

devuskums Tue 02-May-17 22:45:47

Has anyone tried the Newton's Therapy foot sponge?? After battling with dry manky feet for years it has changed my life!!

firsttimemum15 Thu 11-May-17 16:17:21

Not tried the Newton sponge. Is it really that good. I looked at some reviews.

Dying to see a footner updste though

Thattwatoverthere Sun 14-May-17 17:05:54

I footnered last night for the first time. So excited for my skin to fall off now. At the moment the middle of my foot has a weird feeling that the skin isn't really attached when I stretch it out but no signs of any peeling yet sad. It did a good job of removing my nail varnish though

Any tips to move the process along?

Lolimax Sun 14-May-17 17:07:59

Ohhhhh can I join? I'm footner-ing tonight. So is DS (19) and his feet are really manky.

firsttimemum15 Sun 14-May-17 17:52:10

Only if you both post pics. For tips to move it along. Donr moisturise feet abd walk walk walk walk walk.

Thattwatoverthere Sun 14-May-17 18:01:27

I'll post pics when something is happening. Currently it's just a manky foot that's strangely wrinkly.

It's all quite exciting...

Lolimax Sun 14-May-17 20:40:02

Currently sitting with my footners on. DS is being boring and has gone out on his motorbike (apparently it's more exciting than doing his feet with his mother).
Hoping for some foot action around the end of the week.

firsttimemum15 Sun 14-May-17 22:18:36

Im glad this thread has more participants. Its such a guilty pleasure for me

I miss not being able to do it at the min but i like how my feet feel cold on floors after doing it. Its kike5i can feel prooerly.

Lolimax Tue 16-May-17 20:34:41

End of day 2 and nothing to report. DS did his manky feet last night. His will be a peeling work of joy when they start!

firsttimemum15 Tue 16-May-17 20:50:12

I want before and after pics of your sons and yours.

They take about a week to start peeling. The more walking you do the more it will help. X

Thattwatoverthere Tue 16-May-17 23:43:39

Nothing doing with mine apart from a small bit of sunburn like peel from the top of my foot. The underneath has gone really rough so hopeful for some proper peeling soon. Otherwise the micropedi is going to have to come out, can't bear the feeling!!

Currently sitting with my feet in 2 big lunch boxes of water to soak for a bit...

firsttimemum15 Wed 17-May-17 16:02:48

Stick with it but dont pedi it or you wont get the glorious peeling. X

Thattwatoverthere Fri 19-May-17 18:59:15

It's started!!! Impossible not to pick so i have rough bits still but the bits I've picked are so lovely and new!

The bf isn't loving the bits of skin I'm leaving behind though grin

firsttimemum15 Fri 19-May-17 19:12:47

I told you grin

My oh is the same enjoy

shamoffour Fri 19-May-17 19:26:29

Can I join? I put mine on 5 days ago and it's just starting, I'm going g for a bath in a mo to speed things up!
I bloody love footnergrin

firsttimemum15 Fri 19-May-17 21:58:51

The more the merrier but pics please. Does anyone else get itchy feet as the skin dries out before it peels?

refusetobeasheep Fri 19-May-17 22:07:34

Ah a good reminder, time to do for the summer 😎😎

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