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A recent-ish beauty

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PenelopeParmesan Mon 13-Mar-17 06:24:30

Not for beginners

A relative complained about a cyst /lump that persisted after 2 courses of antibiotics and she let me have a go grin I can only apologise for the lack of ruler, I didn't have one handy envy

beachbodyunready Mon 13-Mar-17 08:29:29

Wish I had relatives like that, looks impressive. Only criticism you'll get is that you should have filmed it wink

beachbodyunready Mon 13-Mar-17 09:09:23

And that you forgot to sound the Klaxon smile

wishcarry Tue 14-Mar-17 19:51:04

Gosh that's a beauty.
I love the picture of it actually coming out of the looks surreal.wish I could have squeezed that out.

PenelopeParmesan Wed 15-Mar-17 09:13:36

Different person in these, it was crunchy. And it left a huge hole.

fairiesandelves Thu 16-Mar-17 23:17:30

Who are these wonderful relatives of yours ? Wish I had such an accommodating family !

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