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Newbie here: how do we deal with this?

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thatorchidmoment Tue 28-Feb-17 22:53:56

DH had this beast pop up on his upper inner thigh. It's pretty sore, and he's a cyclist, so is not keen to have it rubbed by his saddle on his trips to work and back.

It's looking pretty ripe, but he's keener to pop it than I am (pregnant and feeling more squeamish than usual).

Hot flannels enough? For how long? Should I get him to bring home some sterile needles from work (he's a medic), or just go at it with hands?

Ick, I've made myself quite queasy just thinking of the possibilities! envy <-- not envy. Help a sister out here.

beachbodyunready Wed 01-Mar-17 22:38:11

Crikey that's a. Beauty, I'd hold a hot flannel on it for a bit then try and squeeze, it looks pretty ripe so I don't think it will take much. Make sure you photograph the before, during and after 😜

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