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Waaah! I'm not allowed to pick.

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BigDamnHero Sun 19-Feb-17 17:18:30

I got a new tattoo and it's at the stage where it's starting to peel and get all itchy. It looks like sunburn or PVA glue. I want to pick it soooo badly but it can pull out deeper ink and permanently affect the tattoo so I'm resisting.

I just wanted to show some people who would understand how hard it is for me to leave it alone! grin The bits of skin are sticking up even more in real life. Argh!

BrownEyedLady Sun 19-Feb-17 18:27:52

Wow that is beautiful! As you already know, this is the one time you must not pick! Pop some nail varnish on and pick it off instead. I love the tattoo!

Upyourdaisy Sun 19-Feb-17 18:36:26

I bet that took a while, very nice though. I've got a few but none with so much ink, mine are basically lines so peel a bit, but I can imagine that's peeling loads & if it does look like sunburn it must be sooo hard to resist, but resist you must! grin
Here's my latest, still needs another hour just to add some more detail.
(sorry, don't want to turn this into a tattoo thread!)

Upyourdaisy Sun 19-Feb-17 18:38:29

Pva glue brings back memories. I used to paint myself in school just to peel it off.
where can I buy pva glue?!

BigDamnHero Sun 19-Feb-17 18:58:06

Thank you, BEL and Daisy, it has some 'meaning' for me (though, my first tattoo didn't and i still love it so I'm all for tattoos just for the aesthetic, too!) because 'Wolf', 'Tyger' and 'Bear' are the nicknames I use for DH, DS1 and DS2 on my blog.

Daisy, my other tattoo is just basically lines so it never had such a big bit just begging to be picked. Your new tattoo is beautiful. Are you going to get any colour added? I love plain, black tattooss (can you tell) but have seen some lovely ones with colour.

You can get PVA glue on Amazon. wink

Upyourdaisy Sun 19-Feb-17 19:08:23

That just makes it even more beautiful BigDamnHero what a gorgeous idea.
I've got 9 and they're all black except one little flower, so much like you.
off to order some glue grin

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