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DH has lots of scabs and won't pick them

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CoffeeAndOranges Sun 25-Sep-16 20:57:06

He fell off his bike last week (mountain biking) and grazed all down his arm and leg and now it's all scabbed over beautifully but he won't icky any of them and won't let me near any of them either. It's driving me insane.

I know he is being more sensible to leave it to all come off naturally but how does he not want to just claw at it!! It's like having pva glue all over your fingers and not wanting to pick it off.

I know this isn't AIBU but surely he is being incredibly unreasonable to deny me that satisfaction!

AmeliaJack Mon 26-Sep-16 02:54:07

This may be the weirdest thread I've ever seen in MN.
You want your DH to increase the likelihood of infection and scarring in his arms by... Letting you pick his scabs?

That's deeply odd.

Redglitter Mon 26-Sep-16 03:23:41

Picking someone else's scabs is revolting. He's quite right not letting either of you near them

Elephantsaremygods Mon 26-Sep-16 03:28:36

I'm with you but then I pick off my DP's hard bits of skin all the time grin

VioletBam Mon 26-Sep-16 03:29:21

Gross. Picking scabs leaves scars.

peripateticparents Mon 26-Sep-16 04:21:37

Coffee, I think our your people are in sporner corner grin

CoffeeAndOranges Mon 26-Sep-16 06:12:04

Hmm yes I know it's a bit grim and obviously I don't want to cause infection or scarring - that really would be odd. And it's not a weird 'picking other people's scabs' fetish either - again I'm not that odd (promise!) It's just the small graze ones are so nearly done and I know I wouldn't have been able to hold out as long as he has.

Anyhoo, I'll just toddle off to sporners corner (although some of those spots etc really are grim grinshockconfused

PrincessOG16 Mon 26-Sep-16 06:37:43

You're disgusting.

Roomba Mon 26-Sep-16 06:58:30

You need to repost this in Sporner Corner. They will understand.

Ninarina Mon 26-Sep-16 06:59:54

Oh dear I do understand. Now where is this sporner corner...

flanjabelle Mon 26-Sep-16 07:01:51

Come over to the dark side op. Sporner corner is our home.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Mon 26-Sep-16 07:06:53

That's deeply odd

It's completely normal OP , personally I'd wait until he was asleepwink

MardAsSnails Mon 26-Sep-16 09:49:42

LTB. He's clearly unreasonable.

And leave Chat too. Most people her just don't get it but are probably right about infections, but fuck em, scabs deserve to be picked

SpaceDinosaur Mon 26-Sep-16 10:05:13

Perfectly reasonable behaviours.

Offer to moisturise the area after a shower to minimise the scarring and knock a few off grin

DawnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 26-Sep-16 13:27:39

Hi all,

We're moving this thread over to our Sporner Corner topic now. They like this sort of thing...

OP, you do realise that they're going to want you to post some pics, don't you? smile

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