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RoystonVaseySmegHead Wed 21-Sep-16 15:43:05

Look at this bad boy!!! Popped it yesterday and a bit of white gunk came out, thought I'd got it but looked just now before I get in the bath and looook rubs thighs I can't wait to see what a nice steamy bath does to it... grin

RoystonVaseySmegHead Wed 21-Sep-16 15:44:06

I forgot the pic in my excitement to share him (I've named him Bob) with you lucky lot blush

BankWadger Wed 21-Sep-16 15:45:10


BankWadger Wed 21-Sep-16 15:45:56

Beat Bob stings. He's going to have to go.

BankWadger Wed 21-Sep-16 15:46:04


RoystonVaseySmegHead Wed 21-Sep-16 15:48:16

He did yesterday, but today he's not hurting much at all... Hoping that gives me the willpower to get rid... Just poked him and the head oozed a bit... grin will post a pic in maybe an hour and a half of what lovely juices and gunk come out

RoystonVaseySmegHead Wed 21-Sep-16 16:53:11

Bob was a let down.... Bugger all except a bit of juicy yellow stuff... No hard pus like I was hoping for. Will try again later I may have prematurely squeezed although I was 99% certain he was ready 😠

RoystonVaseySmegHead Wed 21-Sep-16 16:53:55

Pic but it's shit sad

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