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DS spots on knees

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kelper Fri 16-Sep-16 22:11:25

Well, DS is NOT a sporner sad
He has a collection of odd spots on his knees, 5 one one which are in various stages of past popping, but he has one on the other knee that is FULL of pus, but you can't touch it, he screams the place down (9 and with severe ADHD).
He lets me touch it, but won't let me pop it sad When do children become sporners? This is a beautiful little spot, full of pus, but DS is being dramatic. Is it bad to go and pop it while he sleeps?

CrazyNameCrazyGuy Sat 17-Sep-16 14:38:21

Glue a drawing pin onto your finger so when he lets you 'touch' it, the spot <cough> accidentally pops grin

----> joking, before anyone calls Social Services

Fivetoomany Sat 17-Sep-16 14:40:59

I need a pic before I can answer smile

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