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What's this in the corner of my eyelid, please? Warning - close up of eyeball.

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My eyelid has been feeling sore - as if it is bruised - for a couple of days - it was a bit puffy looking, but I couldn't see anything other than that, u til I took a picture with the eyelid turned back.

Is this a stye, and what should I do about it, p,ease?

This might be a better picture.

RachelLL92 Wed 07-Sep-16 18:39:02

Looks like a sty to me not sure if that's how it's spelt I had one before maybe a cold tea bag on it took mines away after 2 days x

Bongbingboobingbongbing Wed 07-Sep-16 18:42:19

Sty? Rub a gold ring on it? Old wives tale but has worked twice for me!!!

Thank you - I will try both of these.

Bumpmadethemjump Wed 07-Sep-16 18:45:32

That doesn't look like a usual sty, your actual eyeball looks very red in that area as well. Is your eye sore? I'd give it few days then if it isn't any better I'd go to the doctor. If it gets any worse go to the doctor sooner.
I got loads of stys' as a child but I never got any like that.

Nobrain Wed 07-Sep-16 18:48:34

Peri orbital cellulitis?

Loulou2kent Wed 07-Sep-16 18:58:26

If it is a sty (which I really can't tell because mine looked different) try rubbing baby shampoo on it. Don't know why. But it worked for me smile

sleeplessinderbyshire Wed 07-Sep-16 22:51:27

It's a meibomian cyst

Wisewisewords Wed 14-Sep-16 08:10:22

You might need to get it looked at but in the meantime try some cotton wo soaked in very hot water (as hot as wont burn you) excess water squeezed out. It provides some relief and allows what is there to soften and come to a head.

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