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What's this on nose tip? Pics included!

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YesYABU Thu 04-Aug-16 13:19:21

The current debate in our house is what on earth this thing on the end of a nose is. I suspect a cyst as the hole has appeared in the past week and got bigger, however the word boil has also been thrown about.

GP appointment booked for next week, but as this is not the first time it has appeared in the same spot we want to go in with an idea of what it could be. Last time GP prescribed fusidic acid (which did nothing) but managed to get it to go away by squeezing and removing the sac (?) inside the hole.

Ideas appreciated!

BoopTheSnoot Wed 10-Aug-16 23:25:37

Iff its recurring it could be a sebaceous cyst that's getting infected? Either way don't waste it. Draw it with some mag sulph and have a good squeeze!

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