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Boil on the nose

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KittyKrap Thu 28-Jul-16 07:44:55

Sorry, no photos blush
In defence it was my DS (15), it's been growing for a while now and started to look like it'd disappear. But last night...*rubs thighs.*..just before me and DH went out I had another look.

It was ready.

I squeezed and it exploded over my shoulder. Bliss.

He complained so I took him to the sink and saw that there was more!!! It 'cracked' three times with lovely gunk.

I left him with blood streaming out of it and some antibacterial gel. Had a lovely meal out too grin

I'll see how it looks this morning.

MunchMunch Sun 31-Jul-16 23:43:14

Sounds bloody lovely!

I wonder if it'll refill?! My ds has some lovely whiteheads but I don't pick them in case I scar his face, doesn't stop him picking though.

Hope you enjoyed your night

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