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Here you go folks!

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ImSoVeryTired Sat 09-Jul-16 20:08:15

I never knew there were so many like minded folks out there. My other half thinks my spot squeezing antics are weird (and won't let me get the ones on his back anymore). Anyway here is the strange boil that has been forming on my belly but is not quite ready to go. It had a small white head on it, which was a decoy and produced nothing. It does seem to have a more central head forming though. Will post further updates if anyone is interested.

PotteringAlong Sat 09-Jul-16 20:10:32

Oooh.... grin

ImSoVeryTired Sun 10-Jul-16 18:45:30

It burst this morning but despite a bit of a squeeze there is still a hard lump there. What do you reckon it is? A sebaceous cyst or a boil? How do I get rid of it? Excuse the funny mark around it, put a plaster on so the baby didn't kick it.

VimFuego101 Sun 10-Jul-16 18:51:55

Have you tried putting a hot flannel on it to draw the pus to the surface?

PotteringAlong Sun 10-Jul-16 18:58:19

I'd go hot flannel too.

ImSoVeryTired Mon 11-Jul-16 19:12:54

Will try it, ta. There doesn't seem to be any pus there atm. It's just a hard lump. Maybe the flannel will help.

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