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My head is killing me!!!

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Sleepingbunnies Wed 06-Jul-16 17:52:14

I have 3 of these massive things appear on my head overnight.... how can I get rid of them... when I squeezable absolutely nothing happens!!

Sleepingbunnies Wed 06-Jul-16 17:52:59

Ignore my grey hair blush

peaceloveandtwirlywoos Wed 06-Jul-16 17:54:02

Sebaceous cysts - I don't think they can be squeezed, unfortunately. They either go away on their own or a surgeon removes them.

Reality Wed 06-Jul-16 17:54:49

Oooh they are pilar cysts. You can pay to get them removed. And film it.

Reality Wed 06-Jul-16 17:55:49


Sleepingbunnies Wed 06-Jul-16 18:05:36

I am not clicking on that! grin

Sleepingbunnies Wed 06-Jul-16 18:16:30

Oh my god reality I don't want that coming out of my head!!!

Reality Wed 06-Jul-16 18:23:48

Yeah you do! Imagine the relief!

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Wed 06-Jul-16 18:26:55

Oh my gosh, that video was BEAUTIFUL! 😍

dancemom Wed 06-Jul-16 18:32:58

Awesome - looked like a pickled onion to me!

Sleepingbunnies Wed 06-Jul-16 18:35:42

I'm going to ask DH to try and squeeze it tonight grin

Sleepingbunnies Wed 06-Jul-16 20:56:49

Ok my head and neck are actually throbbing so off to docs in the morningsad

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Thu 07-Jul-16 06:38:21

How are you doing this morning OP?

Sleepingbunnies Thu 07-Jul-16 06:43:57

Have slept awfully so am making an appt. I can only turn my head a certain way otherwise the one on my neck throbs sad

minmooch Thu 07-Jul-16 12:33:11

Have you seen the gp yet?

Sleepingbunnies Thu 07-Jul-16 17:46:19

So I have antibiotics. She thinks it's a reaction to something that was used when I had a head and neck massage at the spa at the weekend and it's infected! Niiice sad

Sleepingbunnies Thu 07-Jul-16 19:21:21

Have taken another picture but it's big and disgusting...

Lunar1 Thu 07-Jul-16 19:26:12

We need the new picture

SandunesAndRainclouds Thu 07-Jul-16 19:31:27

I watched that video while eating #hardcore

More pics please OP!

Sleepingbunnies Thu 07-Jul-16 20:10:23

Note iv just got out the bath so my hair is wet not greasy!

SlinkyVagabond Thu 07-Jul-16 20:18:38

Oh that baby is ripening nicely. Have you some mag sulph? (Stupid question) nice hot flannel.Mag sulph the fucker,dh, lights camera, action.
Have you changed shampoo? Herbal essences does that to me, sadly without the potential splat.

Sleepingbunnies Thu 07-Jul-16 20:36:53

DH has attacked it!!! Not filmed it but he said it was vile. Lots of stuff came out but loads more left in and I'm in too much pain to let him do anything else sad

Chippednailvarnishing Thu 07-Jul-16 20:39:14

You didn't film it sad

I think you should report the spa to environmental health, you poor thing.

Sleepingbunnies Thu 07-Jul-16 20:43:11

It's still very large...

Okkitokkiunga Fri 08-Jul-16 22:50:47

How are you doing?

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