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WTF is this? *warning photos*

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ninenicknames Sat 02-Jul-16 13:05:13

It looks like a crater! It HURTS bad. Feels like a lump & is burning .....

Tips please ...... shock

Arfarfanarf Sat 02-Jul-16 13:54:34

boil perhaps?

hot cloth see if you can draw it out.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sat 02-Jul-16 13:57:38

Hot flannel, Savlon over night and squeeze in the morning!

fattyfattytoadgirl Sat 02-Jul-16 13:57:44

A carbuncle? Maybe your GP should take a look and lance it?

My DH had one on his back (much bigger than yours looks though) and GP had to dig it out with something or another and prescribed antibiotics.

Take care!

BoopTheSnoot Sat 02-Jul-16 19:29:15

Either apply mag sulphate and a plaster overnight, or use hot compresses to try and draw it. Should be ready to explode by tomorrow morning.
I'm so excited for you!

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