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I have an enormous zit on my face.

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StillSmallVoiceOfCalm Thu 30-Jun-16 21:45:47

And I have to go out in public tomorrow. No mag sulpha to hand. Any suggestions to calm the bastard down?

Nuggy2013 Thu 30-Jun-16 21:49:26

Random but sudocreme has worked for me???

StillSmallVoiceOfCalm Thu 30-Jun-16 21:50:06

My skin looks really shit close up too.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Thu 30-Jun-16 21:51:14

i swear by a daub of toothpaste....mintier the better.

Fireflysingstheblues Thu 30-Jun-16 21:52:06

I suggest tooth paste too , it should dry it out

StillSmallVoiceOfCalm Thu 30-Jun-16 21:53:25

Will try toothpaste. My sudocreme is 20 years old so possibly gone off

CoteDAzur Thu 30-Jun-16 21:54:48

I vote for a tiny hole with a sterilised pin and squeeeeeze grin

StillSmallVoiceOfCalm Thu 30-Jun-16 21:55:21

He is sadly not squeezable. More angry and hard.

StillSmallVoiceOfCalm Thu 30-Jun-16 21:56:27

Tomorrow I'll have access to anaesthetic and sharp instruments. If he's not calmed down I could resort to major surgery.

Lunar1 Thu 30-Jun-16 21:59:22

You dont need to calm it down! Get a nice hot flannel on it and post another pic.

CoteDAzur Thu 30-Jun-16 22:41:34

Angry is good. That white bit on the top says its ready to be squeezed, I'd say.

BoyFromTheBigBadCity Fri 01-Jul-16 13:29:26

How did it go?

StillSmallVoiceOfCalm Fri 01-Jul-16 13:34:20

Max strength ibuprofen gel stings like a bitch but calmed it down.
No longer throbbing but still large and red.

TheNaze73 Fri 01-Jul-16 13:35:20

I'm another who swears by toothpaste

Washbasket Fri 01-Jul-16 13:54:38

Aspirin crushed and mixed with a tiny bit of water. Leave it on for as long as you can (I.e at least all night). It's magic

CaroleService Mon 04-Jul-16 21:05:11

Aspirin poultice. Yes yes yes

Dungandbother Mon 04-Jul-16 22:28:38

Eurax the itching cream.

I have finally FINALLY got on top of my cystic spots. Salicylic acid which can be found in Boots clear skin (cheapo clearasil lotion)

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