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What is this?

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Bathlover Wed 15-Jun-16 13:47:59

I cut my thumb about 9 years ago right where the fold is. It never healed right but just grows skin over it. It gets sore and I file it down / use a corn remover to slice the over grow off.

A GP said years ago it was a wart but not so sure.

I had issues with when having ears pierced the skin just growing under.

Any idea what it is and how I can get it to stop?? Worth a go treating as a verruca and Kai ting with dark varnish?

When I slice the excess off it isn't normal skin under.

It always hurts a bit. Like when a verruca gets stood on.

VulcanWoman Wed 15-Jun-16 14:18:10

Yeah, give the verruca remover a go.

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