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Footner feet; as good as it gets?

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elizadolittlechoc Sat 07-May-16 12:36:10

Day 7. Started peeling yesterday. Hardly touched worst bit-balls of big toes. Will it get better?wink

elizadolittlechoc Sat 07-May-16 12:40:24

Close up😛

elizadolittlechoc Sat 07-May-16 15:45:28

Doesn't anyone read sporn anymore :-(

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Sat 07-May-16 15:47:20

are you soaking them??

I plugged the shower each morning and let them dabble....mine took ages but started like that.

elizadolittlechoc Sat 07-May-16 20:05:01

Thanks Ill have time to have a soak tomorrow. You're giving me hope after spending £30 for two in Superdrug.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Sat 07-May-16 20:12:40

yikes!! ...i got the cheapo ones on amazon...2 for £11 i think, called Purederm

HairyBigSpider Sat 07-May-16 20:14:22

I have a thread going in Style and Beauty and someone asked for pics grin
I did my feet a week ago too and have large pieces of skin coming off now. In fact I spent an hour earlier just sitting in the sunshine taking the loose bits off. Very therapeutic.

HairyBigSpider Sat 07-May-16 20:16:22

I am off to have a soak in the bath shortly to loosen the thick skin on heels and balls.

IHaveBrilloHair Sat 07-May-16 20:17:34

I get the cheapies too.
Soak them and it may shift more, but if not just redo them and leave for longer.

ChampagneCommunist Sun 08-May-16 22:21:12

My DP (diabetic, so can't hack away at feet) is on his third pair.

Works brilliantly & disgustingly!

But, the bottom of the bed is gross!

ScarletOHaHa Sun 08-May-16 22:30:14

You must soak. I did my first one a month ago and soaking made it come off in much bigger pieces. I'm off to Amazon to look for cheaper versions.

VimFuego101 Sun 08-May-16 22:31:25

Soak them...

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