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Do you have questions about pregnancy or your new baby? Ask midwife Hannah Harvey - £200 voucher to be won

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GraceEMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 11-Mar-21 10:14:53

Your questions have now been answered and we are no longer taking comments on this thread

There are so many exciting moments to experience when you’re a new parent or parent-to- be, but it’s the unexpected moments when we all need a little bit of reassurance. Hannah Harvey, Juno’s expert midwife, will be here on the 1st of April to help answer your questions.

Here’s some more information on Hannah Harvey: “Hannah Harvey has worked as a Midwife since 2011 in both hospital and community settings. She worked for 3 years as a caseload midwife and in this time realised how important it was for the women she was looking after to be able to reach her whenever they needed to. In 2016 I developed a service called Ask the Midwife. Users could use the app to contact a midwife whenever they wanted and it was a great success with so much amazing feedback on how useful the service was. Juno is now relaunching an updated version of this and I am so excited to be a part of it and watch it grow."

Here’s what Juno has to say: “At Juno, our mission is to provide the very best specialist health advice to help support parents and parents-to-be. We're really excited to be partnering with Mumsnet and offering this expert at source via the brilliant Hannah Harvey. As a super experienced midwife, mum and entrepreneur we think she's the perfect personification of what Juno stands for. This is not one to be missed!.”

So whatever questions you might have about pregnancy or your newborn, if you'd like some advice please post your questions on this thread for Hannah to answer. Hannah will be back on the 1st of April from midday to answer your questions.

Everyone who shares a question on the thread below will be entered into a prize draw where one lucky Mumsnet user will win a £200 voucher for a store of their choice.

Thanks and good luck!


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GraceEMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 11-Mar-21 16:03:48

From MNHQ: we know some of you have concerns about private healthcare and we'd ask you to come and discuss any thoughts you have with us over in Site Stuff rather than on this thread, where women will be putting their queries to Hannah.
We very much believe that Mumsnet should be a site that is welcome to all mothers and some mothers do prefer to use private midwives, or combine their NHS care with additional support from other sources, particularly if they'd had traumatic experiences in the past. This isn't a choice many could or would make but we think it might be a valid preference for some.

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niceandsimple Thu 11-Mar-21 18:37:16

My DS is now 3 months, but after he was born, he lost 10.7% of his birth weight so I had midwives come to check him on day 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12, at which point he had regained his birth weight. I also saw a doctor who separated his tongue tie (it was a severe tongue tie). The doctor and one of the midwives was unconcerned, but the other 2 midwives were concerned enough to talk about having to go back into hospital. I know there is always going to be an element of personal judgement for any potential problem, but how could it be so different? Also, he was a big baby - 4.47kg - does this make a difference to the weight loss?

FreshBedding Fri 12-Mar-21 08:06:08

Hello, what BMI is classed as an at risk pregnancy please? Thanks.

SteakChips Fri 12-Mar-21 08:39:41

I’m due to give birth in 6 weeks to my first and I’m unsure whether I’m meant to arrange my own antenatal class or my midwife? I have only met them 3 or 4 times.

Thank you.

HLW22 Fri 12-Mar-21 08:53:30

I'm in the process of trying to lose weight at the moment but am trying to conceive. As I have quite a bit to lose, is it still safe to carry on with restricted calories (between 1000 to 1600 per day) if I get pregnant or should I stop once I am?

BristolMum96 Fri 12-Mar-21 09:52:15

I had pre eclampsia with my first, is it likely to be worse/present earlier with my second pregnancy?

alwaysataldi Fri 12-Mar-21 10:13:09

I am 41 and TTC, what tests would I have which are non-invasive for downs or other chromosomal abnormalities ?

jellybeanpopper Fri 12-Mar-21 12:00:23

I was told at my 20week scan I have a low lying placenta. Are there any risks I should be aware of which may be an issue before the 32week scan? It feels a long time away to have to wait to find out if it's still a concern. Thank you

jacqui5366 Fri 12-Mar-21 14:32:38

I had very severe morning sickness with DS1 and 2, I just felt utter despair at facing each day feeling so bad, not being able to eat, and the tests showed that I was missing some essential minerals in my system, both babies were average weight, I would love a third child to make my family complete, but the fear of morning sickness makes to feel I cannot put myself through this ordeal once more, how likely would it be that I would get the same severity of sickness again ?

SearchingTheSkies Sat 13-Mar-21 01:41:25

At what age should a baby's jaundice have disappeared? When should you seek further help if it doesn't seem to be going away?

Willieowinsbury Sat 13-Mar-21 07:42:20

I have Reynaud's in my nipples which I found out when learning to bf DC1. Still feeding as a toddler and pregnant with no.2 and Reynauds back with a vengeance. Took nifedipine for three months after first one but imagine that's not advised during pregnancy. Makes little difference keeping nipples warm and dry. Any advice please?

Sophiemumoftwo Sat 13-Mar-21 08:22:29

Hello. I found out I’m expecting on 4/2/2021 after ttc for a short time. My pregnancy tests started of faint and got dark but now I am testing faint again??

Sophiemumoftwo Sat 13-Mar-21 08:25:20

Sorry I typed wrong dates. I found out on 4/2021

TheWhalesOnTheBus Sat 13-Mar-21 13:37:23

What's the best way to safely lose weight during pregnancy, just tipped into a 30+ BMI so would like to reduce it if I can. Thank you!

TheWhalesOnTheBus Sat 13-Mar-21 13:38:01

Is it safe to continue breastfeeding throughout pregnancy?

TheGlitterFairy Sat 13-Mar-21 17:51:09

At my 20wk scan, it showed I have a low lying placenta covering the cervix and also a secondary/ “accessory” placenta. Is there any guidance on things to do/ avoid regarding the low lying placenta (main one) and should I be concerned with the fact there seems to be a second one there? I’m 42, it’s a long awaited IVF baby, I have endometriosis (stage 4) and have had previous uterine surgery too. Thanks.

RosesAndHellebores Sat 13-Mar-21 20:34:54

My first third trimester baby was posterior and had the cord wrapped round his neck. The midwives did not know this until I was about to deliver and the Senior midwife and senior registrar were called - and then hit the red button. Women are so often told to trust their midwives who will be there to support them. Three times my baby's heartbeat disappeared. Two times the midwife blamed the positioning of the belt.

Please could you explain with absolute clarity why any woman should ever trust a midwife and why a fully qualified midwife at a major London teaching hospital failed to think beyond the belt?

Also, if midwives may miss critical signs when women are admitted in labour, why isn't every woman scanned vis the position of the baby.

Finally, I have a name, and am the mother to my children. Why do midwives think they may call me mum?

wellingtonsandwaffles Sat 13-Mar-21 22:35:36

Would an elective section or a very large badly positioned baby induction be best for mother and baby in your opinion?

MissingTheMoonlight Sun 14-Mar-21 12:42:02

Do all babies go through a "purple crying stage" or does it mean something may be wrong, such as reflux or CMPA?

PickledChicory Sun 14-Mar-21 23:39:34

I'm just 10 weeks with no 4. Im convinced that I can feel baby move. I've also had a few tightenings. My midwife says its too early to feel these things. Is this the case?

Sleepnowprettyplease Mon 15-Mar-21 10:19:42

This is my 4th pregnancy, I'm 7 weeks pregnant, with my other 3 I had nausea and sickness. This time i've not had any, I have other symptoms such as bloating and breast tenderness but even the fatigue doesn't feel as bad. Is this normal or should I be concerned?

whitershadeofpale Mon 15-Mar-21 10:45:49

Is it dangerous to take a low-dose of aspirin in early pregnancy?

Myself and many others have resorted to self-medicating after losses that won’t be explored. I’ve tried discussing it with both my GP and midwife and neither seem happy to give an answer, but the alternative seems to be to just wait until we’ve have the ‘right’ number or miscarriages.

Sarah1417 Mon 15-Mar-21 10:53:17

I actually have two questions. One relating to my 3 week old and one relating to future pregnancies.

My newborn was beech at birth and we have been referred to the hospital for a hip scan at 7 weeks. We have noticed that his foot and knees are twisted inwards and at 3 weeks (currently) this doesn't seem to be looking any different. Is this because of him being breech? Is this likely improve over the coming weeks?

Regarding future pregnancies. I am 31 years old and have had 2 c sections now (one emergency and one planned) I am also type 2 diabetic however well controlled but I do feel this pregnancy was harder then my first but the recovery was much more straight forward. I know there are no set rules to how many sections you can have but I believe the general rule is no more more 3 due to more complications after that many. So my question really is, we have decided to wait a year to enjoy the milestones with mt newborn but we're considering trying for a 3rd next year. Is this sufficient amount of time for internal healing or do we need to wait longer?


JustTheDAB Mon 15-Mar-21 11:39:31

In the study "Factors Contributing to Facial Asymmetry in Identical Twins" it is said that sleeping prone when growing is a factor for both nose & mouth asymmetry.

Should we start encouraging our children not to sleep prone and/or to use special pillows?

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