Do you have questions about how to keep your dog healthy and happy post lockdown? Ask PDSA vet and animal expert, Anna Ewers - £200 voucher to be won

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GraceEMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 01-Jun-21 10:03:32

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As the UK went into lockdown last year, most of us had a lot more time at home, and as a result, puppy sales soared. One year on, these pups will be reaching adolescence and some owners may be noticing a change in their dog’s behaviour. Many won’t have experienced the usual socialisation during their early years because of the pandemic, so their health and wellbeing is a priority as they adjust to life in the big wide world. With this in mind, PDSA vet Anna Ewers Clark will be on hand to answer your questions about preparing your adolescent pets for life after lockdown.

Here’s some more information about PDSA vet Anna: “Anna Ewers Clark is a vet working for the UK’s leading veterinary charity PDSA, who provide free and low-cost veterinary care to the pets of owners in need. She has worked in several PDSA Pet Hospitals across the UK, writes for the PDSA Pet Health Hub and provides veterinary advice for the charity’s communications team. She also has a degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare. Anna lives with her dog, Kirk, and two rescue rabbits, Jack and Harley.”

Here’s what PDSA has to say: “As we start to socialise with friends and family again and visit new places, it’s important pets’ flea and worming treatments are kept up to date, especially if they’re exploring and mixing with other pets. PDSA has a range of flea and worm treatments available, helping to keep your four-legged friend and your family pest-free.”

Whether you’re worried about your dog’s behaviour, changing your pet’s routine post lockdown, or pesky fleas and worms, ask your questions on this thread and PDSA vet Anna will be back on the 23rd June to answer some of your questions.

All who leave a question will also be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £200 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!


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BristolMum96 Tue 01-Jun-21 18:52:11

My puppy is used to meeting other dogs throughout lockdown but isn't used to the sudden vast numbers of people in and around local walking spots. He is fine with other dogs but cowers with strangers, how can I get him used to meeting new humans without being able to go within 2M of them?!

FreshBedding Tue 01-Jun-21 20:34:13

Hello, this isn't a post lockdown question but it does involve my dog. I have an elderly dog who has some changing behaviours that lead me to believe it could be the onset of canine dementia, could you advise what symptoms to look out for and how we can help her? Thank you.

GooodMythicalMorning Wed 02-Jun-21 17:46:10

What is a good way to reintroduce them to a busy public area after it being quiet for so long?

BigLlamaLady Wed 02-Jun-21 19:50:19

My dog won't stop eating, it's impossible to leave anything edible at all out in the house because he'll snaffle it up. I'm sure it isn't worms as we've been treating him and I'm worried it's something more sinister. TIA!

ladymodjo Wed 02-Jun-21 19:53:29

I bought an English setter puppy over lockdown whilst I've been working from home. At the moment she's getting lots of attention but I'm worried how she'll cope when I go back to work in the office. I'll probably have to leave at 8am and will be back at 6pm and plan on getting a dog Walker for her at lunchtime. How is best to get her used to the new routine? Thanks!

MadamElderfield Wed 02-Jun-21 19:54:58

My puppy hasn’t had any contact with young children and especially now in half term the parks are full of kids. He seems really scared at their high energy and it makes him reluctant to even go in the park. What can I do to calm him?


fishnships Wed 02-Jun-21 20:47:55

Our rescue dog has, as far as we know, always had separation anxiety but lockdown has made this worse. How do I deal with excessive barking when I return home? Am I doing the right thing by asking him to sit, then rewarding him to calm him?

Strangeways19 Wed 02-Jun-21 21:24:40

There's been a vast increase in dog owners during the lockdown periods, do you think that some will be rehomed due to people going back to work & will these dogs have issues expected of rehomed dogs? Also do you think that the rescue organisations will cope with the possible influx of dogs needing rehoming?

Flanjango Wed 02-Jun-21 22:22:43

I was bought a puppy during the lockdown year. He's not used to strangers being in the house at all. How can I help him get used to having new faces in the house? He's a chihuahua and tiny, but he yaps for Britain.

redbook Wed 02-Jun-21 22:26:41

I've read that separation anxiety is real for dogs. I'm still at home every day, but are there things I can do now to prevent it when I do go back? Thanks!

MildredPuppy Thu 03-Jun-21 08:53:25

Our dog lies down if he sees another dog. Not just close dogs but the lenghth of a field away. He isnt nervous when they get to him and jumps up to say hello if they do but it makes walks difficult as he is constantly lieing down.

digginthedancingqueen Thu 03-Jun-21 10:43:38

How do they keep themselves entertained when you aren't there?

littlecottonbud Thu 03-Jun-21 12:35:54

We have booked our little Jack Russell into kennels in August - any tips for getting him ready - he's been before, and was left all day pre-pandemic - but has had us around 24/7 and I fear he will be so scared

UpOnDown Thu 03-Jun-21 20:43:24

How can I socialise my dog?

spacegirl123 Fri 04-Jun-21 03:39:46

My dog was always used to being left alone at home for a few hours every day pre-lockdown, and totally fine and comfortable. We'd get home and she'd have been sleeping so would greet us calmly. now that we're both at home all the time she has become really clingy and gets distressed when either of us leaves the house.

We've tried starting to leave her alone for short periods from time to time but she gets so worked up when we get back we're worried about how distressed she gets when we do leave her alone. How to retrain her for spending time alone?

sheebasima Fri 04-Jun-21 14:29:45

How do you make a dog that doesn't like other dogs like them

Jaymar Fri 04-Jun-21 16:26:52

Our puppy is 7 months old so we are expecting her to have her first season in the coming months. Some people have told us that her ‘true’ personality will show afterwards. Is this correct? Many thanks

hannahbjm Fri 04-Jun-21 20:24:52

How do you help a dog who will be left alone for longer periods as he is used to me working from home and I am starting to get back into my old work routine.

sharond101 Fri 04-Jun-21 21:19:26

Do dogs need a varied diet or is the same complete meal everyday ok?

Aria20 Sat 05-Jun-21 07:30:54

Hi our puppy is 16 weeks old. How can I prevent separation anxiety setting in? I don't plan to leave her regularly or for long periods, it would be nice to be able to take my youngest to the park without the pup for a bit though and go food shopping/drs appointments etc when my husband is no longer working from home.

maisietoo Sat 05-Jun-21 11:11:19

We walk daily in woodland and sometimes our dog picks up ticks. What is the best treatment for ticks and whereabouts on a dog do ticks like to attach themselves to (so I know where we should look)? Many thanks.

lillypopdaisyduke Sat 05-Jun-21 11:16:30

What is the best method of leaving your dog alone - after being with us 24/7 - little and often or a few hours at a time - our dog us quite laid back and does not get worried easily - saying that - we've never left him,

Montydoo Sat 05-Jun-21 11:18:20

What are your thoughts on doggy daycare - do they do more harm than good - I don't want to leave my 9 month old jack russell alone, but the thought of introducing him to other dogs might do more harm than good.

LittleDeeAndME Sat 05-Jun-21 11:34:06

Apart from daily brushing, how often should you bath your dog (I have a Maltese who looks really grey between trips to the groomers (every 12 weeks) - or should I just keep the mucky pup look x

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