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Ask our La Roche-Posay expert your questions about eczema in babies and children - 3 x £100 vouchers to be won

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EmmaMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 04-Mar-19 10:01:44


Sensitive, dry or eczema-prone skin are common skin concerns among babies and children. Some go through short periods of suffering with eczema and others need to continuously manage this skin condition. Everyone's experience with eczema is different and can vary from dry and itchy patches of skin to very sore breakouts all over. It can be especially difficult if your child suffers with eczema to know how best to help them. Consultant Dermatologist Dr Catherine Borysiewicz is on hand to answer your questions on eczema.

Here’s some more information on Dr Catherine Borysiewicz: “Dr Catherine Borysiewicz studied medicine at Cambridge University and clinical medicine at University College London. She carried out medical and surgical training at a number of prestigious central London teaching hospitals. Today, Catherine is an experienced Consultant Dermatologist working within the NHS and consults privately in central London at Imperial and The Cadogan Clinic, where she manages inflammatory skin diseases including eczema, acne and psoriasis and sun damage and skin cancers.

Being the mother of a child who suffers from eczema, Dr Catherine understands the challenges of looking after a child’s skin and is looking forward to helping Mumsnetters by answering your questions on dry skin and eczema."

Here’s what La Roche-Posay has to say: “Here at La Roche-Posay we understand how eczema can truly impact a child and their family's quality of life. To help you manage this tricky skin condition, we are working with Consultant Dermatologist Dr Catherine Borysiewicz to answer all your burning questions around eczema in babies and children.”

Whatever your questions are around eczema, post your questions below and we will choose 10 for Dr Catherine to answer.

Everyone who posts a questions on the thread will be entered into a prize draw where 3 Mumsnetters will win a £100 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck with the prize draw.


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callmecrazybut Fri 15-Mar-19 21:20:03

Can you get 'one off' incidences of eczema or is it something you either have or you don't?

Popcornandbuttons Fri 15-Mar-19 22:18:39

Is a child more likely to have eczema if their parent has it?

goldenretriever1978 Sat 16-Mar-19 17:55:17

What is particularly good about this cream?

Ren1974 Sun 17-Mar-19 19:52:57

My daughter's eczema flairs up in hot weather and although she loves the beach, the sand and salt water can irritate her skin. Any suggestions for overcoming this?

EmmaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 19-Mar-19 11:07:32

Congratulations to @chl0e123 @MrsFrTedCrilly and @StickChildNumberTwo whose names were pulled from the prize draw to win the 3 x £100 vouchers!

Also, watch this space as we'll be posting a link to the answers to 10 of your questions on this thread in 2 weeks time.

clopper Thu 04-Apr-19 20:09:21

Can you grow out of eczema? Is natural sunlight good or bad for eczema? Do expensive products basically contain the same ingredients as generic plain packaged products? Is it best to bathe more or less when you have a flare up? In general is eczema best treated by changing diet or topical cream?

koffeetoast Sun 29-Sep-19 15:44:31


Where can i find the answers to the questions on this thread?

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