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Ask Dr. Pixie McKenna your Q about children's health in winter and you could win a £150 Love2Shop voucher! ANSWERS NOW BACK

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 21-Nov-16 09:39:03

As we head into the colder months, sniffles and sneezes may become more common. Courtesy of Nurofen for Children, we’ve teamed up with Dr. Pixie McKenna who is on hand to answer your questions on keeping your children healthy this winter, specifically looking at colds and flu, fever and sleep difficulties. As well as being a medical expert, Pixie is also a mother so she’s had first-hand experience of looking after her own child and is here to share her top tips and advice with you.

Here’s a little bit more about Dr. Pixie:

Pixie comes from a family background of medicine, being the third generation of doctors in her family. She has over 13 years of medical experience since qualifying and is currently a practising GP at London’s Harley Street.

Post your questions to Dr. Pixie by the 27th November and we will pick 20 for her to respond to. Everyone who posts a question will be entered into a prize draw where one lucky Mumsnetter will win a £150 Love2Shop voucher. A link to her responses will be posted by 4 January.

Please note, Dr. Pixie is here to give advice but cannot mention, discuss or endorse any brands or products.

This Q&A is sponsored by Nurofen for Children. Nurofen for Children 3 months- 9 years. Contains Ibuprofen. Always Read the label




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Dessallara Sun 27-Nov-16 21:15:57

When to seek help?

pixiedust1 Sun 27-Nov-16 21:30:50

My daughter's eczema flare's up in the height of summer but also when we get a cold snap in the winter - how can I help her eczema in the winter?
I am scared to layer her up in the same way that I did with her bigger sister as I know sweat makes her eczema worse but I don't want her to get a chill either. Also, when she gets a flare up in the summer I can put her cream on and let her run about in her underwear until the cream dries but in the winter it is obviously to cold and I don't want the cream to come straight off again onto her clothes. Do you have any tips?

amanda08 Sun 27-Nov-16 21:42:30

My son has had a cough for 3 weeks now that just won't shift. It's throaty rather then chesty and has no other issues. Is it worth popping to the Dr about this or just let it run it's course? Thanks

sarahw2 Sun 27-Nov-16 21:42:45

My oldest son (11) gets coldsores often, especially when he is run down. What is the best way to treat them, or ideally, to prevent them?

Blumkin Sun 27-Nov-16 21:59:21

Id love to know what to do about dry chapped lips and rash around the mouth caused by cold windy weather

My daughter had it when she was a toddler, she seems to have grown out of it but it causing ds (3yrs) a lot of misery. His skin around the outside of his lips is flaking, cracked, red rash and just very sore.

For both my dc putting anything (Vaseline, creams, e45, lip balm, etc) as a barrier pre going outside makes the redness and anger flare up even more.

Annbunce Sun 27-Nov-16 22:10:02

How can I prevent my daughter catching a cough/cold when mixing with friends at school

RACHELSMITH45 Sun 27-Nov-16 22:23:18

My children often get croup if they get a bad cold and cough in winter. Is there anything I can do to help prevent croup from developing? It's so scary, usually ends up with us ringing for ambulance and middle of the night hospital trip. nightmare.

Annimousey Sun 27-Nov-16 22:30:04

How do I tell the difference between flu and just a really bad cold?

My 4 year old hasn't been well with what we thought was a bad cold, but he's still not himself after a week and he's so lethargic and just wants to sleep all the time.

redfoxx1979 Sun 27-Nov-16 22:33:01

My daughter seems to get a fever and vomiting every time she gets a cold. How can I best help her? And how do I know when I should visit the gp? She seems to get nasty colds with horrible coughs so frequently recently.

grannybiker Sun 27-Nov-16 23:08:41

We all know that children can suddenly spike horrendous temperatures, but how long should we wait for it to subside after giving paracetemol?
Or perhaps how soon should we seek medical advice if it's not coming down?

Sid98 Sun 27-Nov-16 23:37:35

My children have eczema and how can i prevent them getting a infection as my daughter tends to get an infection on her whole body with lots of spots coming out and flares up

VickyRsuperstar Sun 27-Nov-16 23:55:30

How can I boost my kids immune systems as so far as soon as the weather turned cold and wet, they seem to have caught everything. A flu like illness and the sickness bug twice. How can I get their strength back up and keep them healthy as the winter bugs are really getting us down.

slbhill42 Mon 28-Nov-16 00:17:52

Should my 4yo be taking multivitamins. He eats quite a lot of fruit but limited vegetables. He suffers badly when he gets a cold and 'm wondering if he might get fewer with an extra vitamin boost.

ClinkyMonkey Mon 28-Nov-16 01:15:32

I am dreading winter, as my 4 year old son has had breathing difficulties a number of times which resulted in trips to A&E. It happens when he catches a cold and cough, sometimes even with a mild cough. He is usually given a nebuliser and sent home with a reliever inhaler and steroid tablets. Asthma has been mentioned as a possibility but there has been no formal diagnosis. Perhaps I'm clutching at straws, but I am wondering if there is a chance he could simply grow out of this.

CMOTDibbler Mon 28-Nov-16 01:32:00

My son always gets a chest infection when he gets a cold. He doesn't have asthma, and as a baby had bronchiolitis and then repeated chest infections including collapsing his lung due to blockages (he was tested for CF etc).
He's 10, and in otherwise very good health, but is there anything that can stop this happening every time?

Andbabymakesthree Mon 28-Nov-16 04:05:34

Would love some tips on keeping house bug free with two school age children who bring everything home. Due another baby and worried about the winter sickness bugs.

finleypop Mon 28-Nov-16 06:12:28

My son will not wear a coat, has the radiator turned off in his bedroom & sleeps with 2 fans going, even in winter.

Is he leaving himself open to greater risk of coughs or colds, or anything more serious?

SuzCG Mon 28-Nov-16 09:40:32

Is there any way I can get my 10 year old vaccinated against flu? He doesn't qualify anywhere under the NHS programme. I know as an adult I can pay privately for it and do (as I volunteer at school so am surrounded by kids germs) but I haven't seen anywhere I can get it done for him. He had flu a few years back and it made for the most miserable winter ever - he was So poorly for So long. I'd do anything to help protect him from it again.

BL0SS0M Mon 28-Nov-16 10:31:45

any advice for getting rid of a child permanent block nose

windowmouse Mon 28-Nov-16 10:34:16

what is the best way to help children sleep when they have a cold?

cbruin111 Mon 28-Nov-16 11:21:26

At what point do you to go the GP with a cold?

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 28-Nov-16 12:20:54

Thanks for all the Qs - we will condense these down and put 20 to Dr Pixie for her to answer - I will be sure to post a link to the answers on this thread.

The winner of the £150 Love2Shop voucher is FeelingSmurfy - congrats

FeelingSmurfy Tue 29-Nov-16 11:21:46

Thankyou smile I am in shock, it's like Christmas has come early for me!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 10-Jan-17 11:31:31

Answers here:

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