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AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 06-Oct-14 16:29:58

Louise Galvin, a haircolour specialist and the woman behind Louise Galvin hair care products, is here to answer any questions you may have about haircare, haircolour and specifically how to treat coloured hair with her natural products.

Here’s what they say, “Louise specialises in achieving the most natural, gorgeous, shiny healthy hair. She uses as little colour as possible to protect the integrity of the hair and make maintenance simple. Her ‘less is more approach’ is renowned by women around the world who value her keen eye for the colour that best enhances complexion and eye tone. Her philosophy of ‘bottle before the knife’ to create youthful colour that instantly lifts away the years is what she is known for.

“Passionate about the environment and deeply knowledgeable about the latest innovations, Louise Galvin sought out the finest chemists to develop her own unique ‘clean’ formulas. She is committed to ‘guilt-free luscious locks’ and ensures her line is not tested on animals, contains only natural and naturally derived ingredients including essential oils, extracts and vegetable-based moisturisers in place of harmful, artificial preservatives, harsh detergents and has ‘No Chemical Nasties’.”

Post your questions to Louise Galvin on this thread by 13th October and we will send 20 questions over to her for her to respond to. We will then post a link to her responses on the thread on 27th October.

Everyone who adds a question (regardless of whether it’s answered or not) will be entered into a prize draw to win a hair colour consultation with Louise Galvin, a colour and style appointment at the world renowned Daniel Galvin Salon and a Louise Galvin Sacred Locks haircare set – total value £300+

Louise Galvin have provided a special voucher code offer for all Mumsnetters to receive 20% off on all product purchases online before 30th November 2014. The voucher code you will need to quote before you make your purchase is mumsnet.

This Q&A is sponsored by Louise Galvin.

UPDATE: answers now in here

Thanks and good luck,

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Loveeggs44 Tue 07-Oct-14 11:48:26

Hi Louise
I work outside , so my hair gets really dry /frizzy , but if i use conditioner too often my hair then goes really greasy , any suggestions?
Many thanks

WowOoo Tue 07-Oct-14 13:04:43

I've got thin hair that looks oily if I don't wash it every day. But, I've been told that washing it daily is bad for it. Friend also said my hair needs to get used to not being washed daily. (hers is lovely and thick though!)

Is this true? Will it eventually look better? Thanks.

CMOTDibbler Tue 07-Oct-14 14:07:51

I love how grey my hair is at the front (white round my face, bright grey after), but I have some stubborn bits at the back which are only 50% grey.
Is there anything I can do to make these bits (which tend to look a bit ginger) look more grey without wrecking the rest of my hair?

teddygirlonce Tue 07-Oct-14 14:09:08

Hi Louise

I'm perimenopausal, spend a lot of time outdoors and am currently looking like a badger. My hair feels awful and no matter what I seem to put on it to try to improve it's condition it's frizzy, unruly and generally makes me feel GRRR.

Any great tips and I would love to colour my hair but any time I've done so it's just ended up even drier and more frizzy.

HELP much appreciated.


SWStressed Tue 07-Oct-14 14:09:36

Dear Louise, what would your recommended approach be to colouring hair that is two thirds grey. I colour mine medium to dark brown and the regrowth is really noticeable very quickly. I don't want to go natural. Help!

ilovemonstersinc Tue 07-Oct-14 14:15:05

I have thick hair and a bad scalp. Which of your products would suit me? hair dye? My hair is rather dark


TheSpottedZebra Tue 07-Oct-14 14:20:37

Hi Louise, I dye my hair a warm brown, but the warmth washes out before the brownness does! Is there anything I can do to prolong the colour?

bonzo77 Tue 07-Oct-14 14:26:50

Hi Louise. I'm going natural after years of colouring. It's now about 50/50 salt and pepper all over, with 2 totally white streaks at my temples. I'm wearing it in a short graduated bob, the colour will be gone from the back at my next cut, but I'll have about 3 inches of very faded warm brown on the ends at the front. How can I make it look nicer? If I cut it off it'll be too short for my liking at the front. Thanks in advance.

Gorgeously Tue 07-Oct-14 14:31:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Asteria Tue 07-Oct-14 14:39:12

Hi Louise, I'm going through premature menopause (36) and my hair is one of the most visible changes that I am finding quite upsetting. Having had fabulous big wavy brunette hair that I rarely had to think about it is now thinning rapidly, greying and needs washing daily to avoid the chip-pan look! I have to rotate products frequently, as they don't seem to agree with
my hair for long, despite trying to keep the products as natural as possible.
My question(s) would be: what can I use to give my hair a bit of body back without use of toxin-laden products? Is there any way I can keep it looking young - or at least in keeping with my age? Will colour help or hinder my hairs demise?!
Many thanks

Hendricksandcucumber Tue 07-Oct-14 14:49:58

Hi Louise,

I have very thick, naturally slightly wavy hair damaged from years of dye/bleach and straightening. I don't like my natural ginger toned mousey brown (years of bullying mean I'm really not comfortable having any hint of redness in my hair) and left to it's own devices it is frizzy and 'big' with no discernible uniform wave or curl.

Currently it's about 2 inches above my bra strap with a fringe half grown out to my nose which I just push to one side.

I'm young (25) with pale skin, blue eyes and freckles and I'm fairly slim (size 8) with high, defined cheekbones and a pointyish chin. I do however have one eye very slightly larger and higher up than the other...

What would you suggest re: cut, colour, styling products?

Thank You

Hendricks smile

libertychick Tue 07-Oct-14 15:02:25

I started colouring my hair in my 20's (was totally unnecessary). I now have some grey but not too much (early 40's). My problem is that my hair which is naturally dark brown has a permanent red tone. I ask for ash brown etc when I do get it coloured but the red always comes through and I really don't like it. Every hairdresser assumes I mush have had red highlights/lowlights recently but it has been about 10 years since I last had these. How can I correct this?


homebythesea Tue 07-Oct-14 15:11:54

Hello - I have a regular salon colour every 6 weeks , very close to my natural colour of mid brown, in order to cover up grey (without it I'd be very pepper & salt). However by about 4-5 weeks in my hair gets very light and brassy looking. Is there any way to avoid this, apart from going for the colour more often? I don't want to be blonde / highlighted, just not grey - not yet!

reluctantironer Tue 07-Oct-14 15:11:55

Hi Louise
Fast approaching my 50th birthday and have shoulder-length, tousled bob with centre-ish parting. I love the style, my hair's in good condition and I have it coloured dark brown every 12 weeks and have regrowth at parting done at 6 weeks (I have dark brown eyes and eyebrows)
I'm just concerned that the chemicals can't be good for me - are there any more natural dark colorants around or do I have to start going lighter and having highlights, as more grey kicks in?
Thank you!

hashtagwhatever Tue 07-Oct-14 15:14:28

Hi Louise.

I've very slow growing hair and have heard it's usual that one has a individual hair growth cycle. Ie one persons may grow 6monthly another person 2 yearly. Is this true? And if so Is there a way too speed the cycle up?

Many thanks

Gingerlau Tue 07-Oct-14 15:30:47

Hi Louise,
I have naturally red hair and would love to mix it up a bit with some highlights as the colour is quite blocky but when I have tried this previously I have ended up with yellow blond streaks, it doesn't seem to matter what I ask for I can't seem to get the natural look that I want. What colours would you recommend for me and how do I 'speak hairdresser' to get the hair I dream of?


Behoove Tue 07-Oct-14 16:05:31

Hi Louise,
I'd like to ask a question about greying hair please. How can I colour my hair so that the resistant grey hairs take the colour without overdoing the non grey hairs!

Cataline Tue 07-Oct-14 16:06:18

Hi Louise,
I really like my natural hair colour (auburn) but also love the way it looks and feels when I get it coloured. Is it silly to get it coloured the same shade as my natural colour? What would be the benefits or drawbacks of this and what type of products should I be using to maximise shine whether coloured or not?

whataloadofoldshite Tue 07-Oct-14 16:10:38

Hi Louise,

I'm 30 and expecting child 2 in January. I have a grey streak right in the middle of my forehead and the rest of my hair is naturally brown/black. I'm really fair skinned with black eyebrows too.

I've often fancied going red or auburn but worry that the colour won't take or if it does, it will look strange with such dark eyebrows.

Should I just stick with one close to natural colour, go for new full head colour or just settle for high/low lights?


hettie Tue 07-Oct-14 16:13:40

A question I'm sure many would love answering... My grey hairs are starting to become noticeable, more so as I have brown hair. I don't really want to go down the road of all over colour. What is my best option?

HeinousPieTrap Tue 07-Oct-14 16:16:58

Hello Louise!

I've recently moved to a very hard water area and it's making my hair very dry and frizzy. I normally colour my hair at home (blonde) but I'm worried now that I'll make my hair condition even worse by colouring it! But I don't want to go au naturelle either, so please could you recommend any treatments or tips that would keep my hair in good condition?

Many thanks!

Petallic Tue 07-Oct-14 16:18:52

My grey hair is very wiry and corse. I use a box colour at the moment which covers the grey but doesn't improve the texture (I'm 34 if that makes a difference). If I went to a salon would their dyes or treatments reduce my wiry hairs?

Clackety Tue 07-Oct-14 16:29:05

Hi Louise,
What can be done about colour fading? I have my naturally dark brown hair coloured every 4 weeks to cover the grey and after just a week the colour fades to a brassy orange which I hate. My hairdresser has tried three different colours to see if anything helps but so far nothing has worked sad

FelixTitling Tue 07-Oct-14 16:42:59

Hi Louise,
I had keratin treatment last year and although I was impressed with the results and how long it lasted, I was appalled at the smell of it initially and concerned by the 'chemical' aspect of the treatment.
Is there a more natural way to achieve a similar long lasting result. I have a crazy hairline, and it really helped with how my hair fell.


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