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MrsB is going on the Pampers junket - post your questions for her to ask...

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Suziewoos Wed 14-Jul-10 06:12:44

Mel C has not a clue what she is supporting! She will prolly just talk about how important play is. They forget that when using new Active Fit now that most parents have to make double the nappy chnages so play is inturupted constantly!

Maybe someone could aks this question - Put old and new Active fit on the shelves - let the consumer decide which to buy ;) They will say they do not have room on the shelves no doubt. If you look in the supermarkets - Pampers takes up 1/3 of the racking, perhaps they could make room!

After our meeting with P&G it is clear that they are sweeping all complaints under the carpet and basically dont care about once loyal consumers or the safety of babies. They say they have not received enough complaints about leaks (they will say you have the wrong size) and there is no link for the rash like chemical burns - and yet thousands of people are claiming the same thing. IT is NOT a normal raah.

I would love to be a fly on the wall of this "event" and see just how Aimee from P&G deals with it. Mind you they will be watching this thread so they are pre-warned - they will be fine ;)

They really do not understand the outrage that parents feel about the new "active Fit Dry Max nor the same issues with "New Baby". They do not understand that first times mums think when using nappies this is normal (sickens me).

They stated at the meeting they would roll out DryMax into all nappies.. can you imagine in Mirco baby?!

There is a Facebook support group and a petition now - let me know if you want more details

lisad123isgoingcrazy Mon 12-Jul-10 13:54:31

Im coming too
I will be asking if they are planning on making their sizes slightly bigger at any point?

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 12-Jul-10 13:53:38

And to Mel C - is she happy being associated with Pampers when they have such a lot of negative press at the moment about the new nappy design and how they have handled it with their customers?

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 12-Jul-10 13:52:10

Why are they determined to say that the new design is better, when thousands of parents are finding that it isn't?
Is it so that you have to change your child as soon as they have done a wee because otherwise the nappy sags down and won't hold a poo, and therefore all a cynical move to get more money out of their customers by making them use more nappies?

NotQuiteCockney Mon 12-Jul-10 13:50:30

a) why is the initial load of urine called 'the insult'? [irrelevant]

poppy34 Mon 12-Jul-10 13:50:06

Am really quite irate about design change as after 2 years of easy nappy and no issues with pampers have had numerous leaking incidents despite trying different sizes and varieties.

poppy34 Mon 12-Jul-10 13:48:29

What are they doing about the fairly widespread negative comments about new design(here , watchdog)- the key areas being they simply aren't as absorbent (ESP at night) and can irritate skin. I think they are dismissing quite how widespread this is.

champagnesupernova Mon 12-Jul-10 13:45:50

Ooh hello MrsBadger.
I am coming too!

mjinhiding Mon 12-Jul-10 13:44:50

Message withdrawn

MrsBadger Thu 08-Jul-10 19:14:00

any more?

MrsBadger Thu 08-Jul-10 13:37:47

are they supporting nappy recycling?

ChocOrange05 Thu 08-Jul-10 13:18:56

a) why are they not making biodegradeable nappies

MrsBadger Thu 08-Jul-10 13:09:39

ok, I have an invitation - the venue looks very plush

As an ambassador of MN, what should I ask

a) the Pampers reps
b) Mel C
c) the 'play expert'

if I get the chance?

keep it polite please... wink

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