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You are invited to attend a Pampers Active Fit with Dry Max event in London with Melanie C and the chance to receive a free Pampers goody bag worth around £40

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 02-Jul-10 18:31:42

To help celebrate the launch of their latest nappy, Pampers Active Fit with Dry Max, Pampers would like to invite 25-30 Mumsnetters (and their babies) to come along to a very special "Play Date".

The event will take place on Thursday 15th July from 10am - 2pm (you don't need to stay for the whole session), in Knightsbridge, London (apologies if this location is not accessible to all).

It's aimed at those with at least one baby or child aged between approx. 6 months and 3 years - and we encourage you to bring your children along to have a play!

Melanie C will be in attendance, as will a play expert who will give a talk about the importance of play. Pampers will also be demonstrating its new nappy and explaining all about the revolutionary technology and research behind it.

Lunch and drinks will be served throughout the day plus there will also be an exciting interactive art installation to explore....

Everyone who attends the Play Date will be given a goody bag containing: two packs of Pampers New Baby or Active Fit nappies with Dry Max, a pack of Pampers Sensitive Wipes and a Pampers Changing Mat plus a copy of the Mumsnet Toddlers book, all worth around £40.

All that we ask is, after the event, you log back on to Mumsnet and tell everyone your thoughts about the nappies and the event.

Journalists will also be in attendance but you are under no obligation to speak with them. A photographer will be taking snaps to record the day, so please let us know if you prefer that you or your child are not photographed.

If you'd like to come along, or for more information please click here.

Those selected will be notified by 13th July at the latest.

Thanks and good luck,

SandyBits Fri 02-Jul-10 18:34:27

Oooo I may get in trouble for this, but are they not still smarting from basically ripping parents off by selling nappies that they have made inferior and basically unfit for purpose, without any kind of prior warnign on the packet? If they genuinely want opinions, then hell, I'm first in the queue.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 02-Jul-10 18:49:09

No thanks - the new design nappies are awful and so I've switched to Huggies for the times we don't use cloth.

StewieGriffinsMom Fri 02-Jul-10 19:39:04

Message withdrawn

LoveBeingAsleep Fri 02-Jul-10 19:44:39

I haven't actually tried the new ones so don't have an opinon so if they want to pay my train fare I'll be there grin

SandyBits Fri 02-Jul-10 19:49:08

Forgive me MNHQ, but this is cynical marketing at it's finest. SO, based on no actual experience of the product, and a whole days worth of being luvvied and no doubt being shoved a load of free stuff, peopel are then expected to come on here and enthuse about these fabulous nappies and their new technology. I know revenue is revenue, but tbh I am surprised you would support this given how well it has been covered int eh press, and in our experiences, that they have shafted so many of us recently. My ds had a terrible reaction to these nappies, and to me, nappies are a significant cost in my weekly budget. I had no bloody choice but to use up the pack I had bought, which nowhere on the pack stated that they had been changed. They've dug their own grave, the 'feedback' they so long for is all over the boards as it is hmm
<deep breath, steps off soapbox>

cleanandclothed Fri 02-Jul-10 19:49:20

Hmmm. Obviously need to win back some customers. Their appearance on watchdog was not very impressive.

Not for me, thanks

MrsBadger Fri 02-Jul-10 19:57:55

well I have volunteered

we shall see

Imarriedafrog Fri 02-Jul-10 20:15:16

Message withdrawn

kveta Fri 02-Jul-10 20:22:52

wish I wasn't working - we are using the new pampers active fit and having no problems at all, so I'm already a fairly loyal customer though.

whomovedmychocolate Fri 02-Jul-10 21:03:27

I would be delighted to send them some of DS's poo stained tops where they have just erupted. hmm

Complained, they sent me vouchers, bought some more, in ever conceivable size variation in case (after three years with DD in them I had not figured out the sizing hmm) and , can you guess what happened next???

Well here's what happens in a too small one - poo to neck
A right sized one - poo to halfway up back
A too big one - poo down legs, across tummy and halfway up back.

Grrrr angry

VuvuzelaPlenticlew Fri 02-Jul-10 21:12:50

We have also switched to Huggies for dd, after using Pampers with ds for the past almost 3 years.

funkychunkymunky Fri 02-Jul-10 21:51:02

I have already given Pampers plenty of feedback about their nappies. I was fobbed off with a stock response and £7 worth of vouchers.
I won't be buying Pampers again.

5inthebed Fri 02-Jul-10 21:58:32

London Lond always in bloody London!

leavingonajetplane Fri 02-Jul-10 22:05:30

So they dismissed all the freely-given, spontaneous feedback they were given here. With a spurious excuse about feeling they shouldnt reply on this site.

Then they target mumsnetters so they can ask for feedback after theyve given them free lunch, drinks, childs play session, products.

If they genuinely want feedback MNHQ, please do invite them for a live webchat. Im sure theyll get a lot more than 30 participants, who will be unbiased in their feedback.

Those nappies arent fit to be given away.

funkychunkymunky Fri 02-Jul-10 22:26:53

Here here leavingonajetplane

Imarriedafrog Fri 02-Jul-10 22:31:22

Message withdrawn

HinnyPet Sat 03-Jul-10 00:39:06

Fucking London again.
Get real.
There are other major cities where we use nappies equally as much.

This REALLY annoys me about MN.

MrsBadger Sat 03-Jul-10 09:25:04

actually I'm not sure there are [controversial]

surely London is the biggest city in the UK
it has the most people
it uses the most nappies

and I speak as someone who doesn't live there

Imarriedafrog Sat 03-Jul-10 09:34:49

Message withdrawn

5inthebed Sat 03-Jul-10 13:42:48

Well P&C are crap then, as there are two P&C factories in the NE!

maxybrown Sat 03-Jul-10 16:29:15

Ok - what have I missed? I have never had a problem with pampers? blush in fact always used Huggies then switched to them after a whole pack of nappies fell apart and exploded from Huggies......typically though I do not live near London, and DS decided only a week ago that nappies were no more both day and night so wouldn't be able to give them a try anyway grin

5inthebed Sat 03-Jul-10 19:46:22

I've never had problems either Maxy, I quite like the newer designed ones as well blush.

HinnyPet Sat 03-Jul-10 21:01:59


Carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 04-Jul-10 10:09:05

Thanks to everyone for your responses and to everyone who has volunteered so far. Sorry some of you are disappointed about the venue (out of our control we're afraid) and that some of you have had a bad experience with the product. We'll make sure we pass on all your comments to the pampers team, but obviously that won't be until Monday and it may take a while to get a response.

Have a good Sunday

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