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Chance to meet Marco Pierre White and/or get £10 vouchers to spend on Turkey with £200 Sainsbury's vouchers also up for grabs.

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Carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 22-Jun-10 15:18:27

Marco Pierre White is working with Bernard Matthews Farms on a campaign called "Change Your Meat Not Your Menu", to get folks to consider replacing their usual meats with turkey once or twice a week as a cost effective, healthy alternative*.

We're looking for five Mumsnetters to attend a master class cooking experience with Marco and Carrie Ruxton - a nutritionist - on 13th July in the London area (travel expenses paid). Marco will cook a couple of turkey recipes, hopefully from the Mumsnet recipe archive, and this experience will be filmed, edited and shown on Mumsnet as well as elsewhere. There will also be a chance for the selected Mumsnetters to put some of both their own and other mumsnetters' culinary questions to Marco on the day.

Each of the five Mumsnetters who come to meet Marco will also need to try turkey at home - they will be given £10 in vouchers and asked to swap their regular meat for turkey in a couple of meals for two weeks.

In addition we're also looking for 10 Mumsnetters to replace their regular meat with turkey twice a week for a couple of weeks and report back on Mumsnet on how they get on. Each tester will receive £10 in vouchers to buy turkey (it can be any turkey; supermarket's own-label or Bernard Matthews' Farms).

For all 15 Mumsnetters chosen there will be a prize draw - where one lucky winner (either a tester or a cookalong attendee, who tests turkey at home and who adds feedback on Mumsnet about it) will get £200 of Sainsbury's vouchers.

For more details on what's involved for both testers and those interviewing Marco on July 13th click here

Finally if you've got a great Turkey recipe, particularly one that you would usually cook using another meat, please load it up here and then post the link to that page here. You never know, it may get the Marco treatment.

Thanks and good luck.

* Turkey is a healthy choice because it's high in protein, and skinless turkey breast is low in saturated fat.

CMOTdibbler Tue 22-Jun-10 15:28:38

I bet he'd be sniffy if I said all recipes had to be gluten free smile

TrillianAstra Tue 22-Jun-10 15:29:35

I assume I'm not allowed to eat turkey because I can't click any of the buttons for 'how many children do you have?'.

mjinhiding Tue 22-Jun-10 15:35:18

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Tue 22-Jun-10 16:07:58

Message withdrawn

DramaInPyjamas Tue 22-Jun-10 16:13:54

Good luck to whoever wins. (:

I can't enter. I'm not sure I would be available to go to London on the 13th if I was chosen.

Very jealous though as I am a MAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSIVE fan of Marco Pierre White.
I'm re-reading his autobiography at the moment,
One of the best chefs and v. goodlooking too!

FolornHope Tue 22-Jun-10 16:18:03

i would do but dont want to be filmed fgs

FolornHope Tue 22-Jun-10 16:18:25

I have put a recipe up
tis delishus

BigBadMummy Tue 22-Jun-10 16:19:40

he is my friend's cousin. A very nice bloke apparently.

Would enter I will be in Barbados

<swans off>

FabIsGettingFit Tue 22-Jun-10 16:33:11

No thanks.

LadyBlaBlah Tue 22-Jun-10 16:57:22

Jesus, when did he sell his soul to the devil?

Quite simply the strangest and ironic prize I have ever heard Marco PW, or processed turkey? Anyone?

LadyBlaBlah Tue 22-Jun-10 16:58:28

To clarify, I would like to meet MPW

Not so sure about the processed turkey

trilliaNastrA Tue 22-Jun-10 17:09:12

You can buy any turkey, doesn't have to be processed. Buy organic free-range if you like.

<wonders if people actually read thigs or just skim for key words that they hate>

going Tue 22-Jun-10 17:14:32

I'm happy to try out turkey, would buy it fresh from Waitrose - doesn't need to be processed!

glasgowlass Tue 22-Jun-10 17:21:58

Would love to be a tester but cant get to London so have applied for tester only.

DramaInPyjamas Tue 22-Jun-10 17:30:08

Ohhhh, I didn't know that you could choose either. I will apply to be a turkey taste tester then!

Evenstar Tue 22-Jun-10 18:24:31

I would have liked to go to London too, but work are so short staffed at the moment that there is nobody to cover for me sad. It should have been my day off too. I would like to test some recipes though, I love turkey but never think of making things with it other than at Christmas with the leftovers.

SwansEatQuince Tue 22-Jun-10 18:39:32

Am I the only one who read that as 'Spend £10 vouchers IN Turkey with MPW? <gutted and short sighted>

nottirednow Tue 22-Jun-10 18:41:02

Message withdrawn

SagacityNell Tue 22-Jun-10 18:42:05

I don't want to be filmed but i would like to enter the draw for the vouchers........

lisad123wantsherquoteinDM Tue 22-Jun-10 19:14:36

i have applied, i use turkey mince but thats it really. be nice to know how to cook it without it tasting dry as socks!!

Eddas Tue 22-Jun-10 19:31:01

Done. opted for testing rather than meeting Marco, he's quite scarygrin

MinkyBorage Tue 22-Jun-10 19:33:20

I don't get it. There are no circumstances under which I would use Bernard Matthews turkey, Marco Pierre White should be ashamed of himself! Is there anything he wouldn't put his name to for a bob or two? He's clearly brassic.

mustrunmore Tue 22-Jun-10 20:01:07

Message withdrawn

FolornHope Tue 22-Jun-10 20:01:52

think he has a ££££ divorce

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