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Are you in the Manchester area & free during the day on May 6? Flash with Febreze want you to come along and create-your-own fragrance - plus get a £50 goodie bag

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 23-Apr-10 14:37:22

The guys at Flash have just launched a new Flash with Febreze range of cleaners and, when they were developing the product, the boffins there learnt from the teams behind some of the world's best-selling designer fragrances, to tap in to their perfume-making expertise.

This resulted in a cleaner which (for once) has a nice smell, leaving your room smelling fresher and cleaner for longer.

Again, they would like to offer Mumsnetters an insight into fragrance - this time in Manchester: how they can be made to last longer, the components of a fragrance and how different smells work. Don't worry they are talking about real perfume not eau du kitchen cleaner! We have already run events like this in London and in Birmingham - an interesting day was had by all.

At the event, a smell expert will give a talk about perfume and you will be able to create and take home your very own fragrance.

Everyone who is selected and attends an event will receive not only their own fragrance but also a goodie bag of domestic cleaning products & other goodies worth £50.

All we ask is that after the event you try the products in the goodie bag and then add feedback to a thread on Mumsnet.
The event is in Manchester: Thursday 6 May

At a luxury hotel in the city centre near Piccadilly station

Between 11.15am to 2.00pm

Sandwich lunch will be provided and you'd need to be able to stay for the whole session.

Travel expenses (up to £25) would be paid.

Creche facilities will be provided by Flash using a specialist company but we MUST know exact numbers and ages of children and any dietary requirements they may have before the day - please indicate below if you are likely to bring a child - and if you are selected we will confirm exact details nearer the time.

Please complete this form if you'd like to attend the event.

Please note: 6 May, as you probably know, is polling day which may mean your childs school is closed - please just bear this in mind if it's an issue for you


jaamy Mon 10-May-10 12:06:14

Hello! Sorry I've not popped in before now to say what a lovely time I had last Thurs...dodgey internet. Thank you to Annmumsnet for inviting me along.

I too have been a little scared of sniffing our creation (Just...) I was the one who arrive last and darted off first...flaming M62!!!

Still, was lovely to meet you all...sort of hmm! Recognised a couple of you from Manchester Christmas do that some of us scousers invaded a couple of years ago. I must say that I am surprised that there wasn't a round of introductions - I thought I had missed it and everyone knew everyone else. Definitely something they need to address.

DH (LOLOLOLOL) has already tried the flash on the kitchen floor - I was too busy sniffing my Yankee candle!! I'm he afraid was not impressed with the cleaning ability,though it did smell lovely for a short time.

MrsChemist Sat 08-May-10 11:59:12

Tree is currently sitting on my mantlepiece in pride of place. I haven't smelled it since I got home. I think I'm scared.

It was nice speaking to you mom, it would have felt weird being alone with the smell people. Not sure why, they were perfectly nice, but I would have felt arkward.

mumofmonsters Fri 07-May-10 19:03:36

Ah right

maxybrown Fri 07-May-10 19:01:45

That was morethemerrier guys - with the son that is smile

suwoo Fri 07-May-10 16:24:57

I know! He was lovely. I posted about him further up the thread. No idea who she was.

mumofmonsters Fri 07-May-10 15:53:49

I did speak to MrsC - felt a bit odd leaving her with the overly excited "smell experts" but realised that i was as likely to be an axe murderer as they were anyway grin

Previous posting history = easily identifyable from and i have stuff archived on here i don't and can't talk about 'in a real voice'!

Who was the other lady who did Kiss? Her DS was really well behavedshock

suwoo Fri 07-May-10 15:51:38

Ha, its fine, was only kidding. I know nothing of your posting history so you'll be safe with me and my little tiny friend MrsC.

mumofmonsters Fri 07-May-10 15:20:41

Oh sorry!

Yes will try and get to next meet up. Have got rid of previous posting history so feel a lot safer now

suwoo Fri 07-May-10 12:03:52

When I first read that I thought you were implying I had eaten all the biscuits shock

Then I remembered that I did my best waitressing like I was 14 again.

Shame we didn't all speak sad, but maybe you'll come on the next meetup now?

mumofmonsters Fri 07-May-10 11:27:19

I knew that was you suwoo You should change your name to Suwoo biscuit lady wink

suwoo Fri 07-May-10 08:35:21

Was a bit shit that they didn't get us to go round the table and introduce ourselves. You normally do that on market research events.

**Ann, maybe you could feed that back to them**

I was the one sitting nearest the front looking attentive.

Who was the lady with the son? I just wanted to compliment you/him on his lovely behaviour and manners.

maxybrown Thu 06-May-10 20:46:35

Oh yes smile

DH has put some of mine on gringrin loon

bilblio Thu 06-May-10 20:40:47

I think it still smells okay MOM. Still really strongly of alcohol though. That was the first thing DP said about it.

I was sat next to MOM. With the brown curly hair and purple top (although I started off with a flowery one but was roasting when I first arrived!)

mumofmonsters Thu 06-May-10 19:24:07

Ah that was you

maxybrown Thu 06-May-10 19:21:23

I was the mad one who didn't like any smells and made Kiss - not the pregnant one grin

Disenchanted3 Thu 06-May-10 19:02:34

sorry just gutted I couldn't come.

Was first grown up day out in years!

mumofmonsters Thu 06-May-10 18:59:25


Disenchanted3 Thu 06-May-10 18:51:53

mumofmonsters Thu 06-May-10 18:49:55

short hair obv

mumofmonsters Thu 06-May-10 18:46:03

Well i made "Just..." with 3 other people - had a green shirt on and blonde short.

Who were you? grin

maxybrown Thu 06-May-10 17:59:37

I hate not knowing who people are!! I haven't opened mine yet......will try now, been a little scared can't possibly smell worse! grin

mumofmonsters Thu 06-May-10 15:59:40

Does any one elses perfume smell awful now they have got home!

(or more awful!)

Was nice to meet some of you today

bilblio Thu 06-May-10 09:55:10

Oh flipping heck! just seen that the direct train has been cancelled, so I've got 20 minutes to get ready, not 45!

See you soon... I hope!

suwoo Thu 06-May-10 09:21:39

See you all shortly grin

mumofmonsters Wed 05-May-10 20:14:46

Ooh i had forgotten we were making perfume too!

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