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Are you in the Manchester area & free during the day on May 6? Flash with Febreze want you to come along and create-your-own fragrance - plus get a £50 goodie bag

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 23-Apr-10 14:37:22

The guys at Flash have just launched a new Flash with Febreze range of cleaners and, when they were developing the product, the boffins there learnt from the teams behind some of the world's best-selling designer fragrances, to tap in to their perfume-making expertise.

This resulted in a cleaner which (for once) has a nice smell, leaving your room smelling fresher and cleaner for longer.

Again, they would like to offer Mumsnetters an insight into fragrance - this time in Manchester: how they can be made to last longer, the components of a fragrance and how different smells work. Don't worry they are talking about real perfume not eau du kitchen cleaner! We have already run events like this in London and in Birmingham - an interesting day was had by all.

At the event, a smell expert will give a talk about perfume and you will be able to create and take home your very own fragrance.

Everyone who is selected and attends an event will receive not only their own fragrance but also a goodie bag of domestic cleaning products & other goodies worth £50.

All we ask is that after the event you try the products in the goodie bag and then add feedback to a thread on Mumsnet.
The event is in Manchester: Thursday 6 May

At a luxury hotel in the city centre near Piccadilly station

Between 11.15am to 2.00pm

Sandwich lunch will be provided and you'd need to be able to stay for the whole session.

Travel expenses (up to £25) would be paid.

Creche facilities will be provided by Flash using a specialist company but we MUST know exact numbers and ages of children and any dietary requirements they may have before the day - please indicate below if you are likely to bring a child - and if you are selected we will confirm exact details nearer the time.

Please complete this form if you'd like to attend the event.

Please note: 6 May, as you probably know, is polling day which may mean your childs school is closed - please just bear this in mind if it's an issue for you


suwoo Fri 30-Apr-10 13:41:23

You sure thats Hannibal? I thought that was the first one with the cannibal bit? Or is that Red Dragon?

<<brain explodes with effort of remembering>>

MrsChemist Fri 30-Apr-10 13:58:36

I think so, because in the others he spends most of his time in prison, and he writes the letter from Italy.

I believe we have hijacked this thread grin

suwoo Fri 30-Apr-10 14:04:45

I will ask DH, he has read them all and has a photographic memory envy

As you were, Febreze fans.

suwoo Fri 30-Apr-10 14:06:26

Oooh, I'm in!!!

See you all there grin

MrsChemist Fri 30-Apr-10 14:12:54

Woo! Me too! grin

Disenchanted3 Fri 30-Apr-10 14:14:22

Me too!

suwoo Fri 30-Apr-10 14:14:42

Yay, we'll make some arrangements to get the tram together. We can talk about Hannibal Lector and David Cameron. Not that there's any similarities there of course.

suwoo Fri 30-Apr-10 14:15:54

Yay Dis! We get to meet each other at last!

Which kids are you bringing? Anyone for DS1 to play with?

MrsChemist Fri 30-Apr-10 14:18:11

I don't know... I can see some similarities grin
Although if I had to be locked in a room with one of them, I'd probably choose the rich cannibal rather than the rich slimy git.
Now, do I vote before or after? Decisions, decisions...

Disenchanted3 Fri 30-Apr-10 14:18:48

I was gonna leave them with DH, no point in dragging them down if hes here!

MyDingaling Fri 30-Apr-10 14:25:25

Me too can't wait!!!

suwoo Fri 30-Apr-10 14:32:05

Fair enough Dis, I'm having to bring mine, but hopefully they'll be fine in childcare.

MrsC I'm voting after as DD really wants to come. She is quite upset that she can't vote smile

MrsChemist Fri 30-Apr-10 14:34:58

Will she have to wait outside the booth, or will they let her in to watch you tick the box?

I'll probably have to vote after because my friend is looking after DS and she'd have to get here even earlier if I went before.

suwoo Fri 30-Apr-10 14:44:00

Aww, are you not bringing him? I'm bringing both the boys. You know what DS1 is like though, can see him staying with me.

I have no idea if she'll be allowed to watch, probably not, knowing these bureaucrats.

MerlinsBeard Fri 30-Apr-10 14:58:03

I'm in and Oooh i get to go to the Mal <excited>

Disenchanted3 Fri 30-Apr-10 15:19:35

<panicks as I don't own any Boden clothes> grin

MerlinsBeard Fri 30-Apr-10 15:23:56

I have never even browsed the website Dis shock


MrsChemist Fri 30-Apr-10 15:57:51

Yay mom! How many people are going in the end?

MrsChemist Fri 30-Apr-10 18:03:23

I'm not worrying about what to wear clothes-wise. I'm worrying about what perfume to wear. I don't want to speak to a smell expert smelling bad.
<goes on ebay to find perfume>

maxybrown Fri 30-Apr-10 18:27:11

oh my god, my clothes are naff and I own one small amount of perfume blush maybe I should stay at home hmm

MerlinsBeard Fri 30-Apr-10 18:33:42

I am not wearing perfume - only deodorant.....and a bag on my head grin

maxybrown Fri 30-Apr-10 18:35:39

hooray - can it be any old bag? grin

MerlinsBeard Fri 30-Apr-10 18:39:24


Obviously you know me grin

Will prob be a huge Ben 10 bag from ToyRUs if i can get babymonster out of it long enoughhmm

maxybrown Fri 30-Apr-10 18:41:22

grin I meant I can do that too grin

bilblio Fri 30-Apr-10 19:28:31

I'm going too. Will be nice to see people again. DP has even given me permission to go shopping afterwards if I want... thinking about it this is turning into a habit. I went shopping for undies after the last meet up too.

We should have reasons to meet up more often

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