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LucyBMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 25-Jun-21 10:37:36

We’re looking for Mumsnet users with a child aged 3 to 11 who would like to attend NatWest’s online ‘Talk, Learn, Do’ workshops, designed to provide parents with strategies, tips and the confidence to talk to their children about money. The workshops are free to join and if you sign up via Mumsnet you'll get a £5 Amazon voucher after you attend.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, you can find some more information about the workshops from Caroline Edwards, Financial Capability Lead at NatWest Group below:

“We all want our children to get a good start in life, and parents play a huge role in helping children form their money habits – so how can you make sure they learn the right lessons? NatWest MoneySense is offering free, online Talk, Learn, Do workshops designed to help parents and carers of children aged 3-11 talk to them about money.

With a range of available dates and times throughout July, the workshop covers topics such as teaching children about money through everyday experiences, how to deal with pestering, and the positives of pocket money.

We’ve already had some great feedback from those who attended the workshop, with one parent saying, “The session was really fun and interactive. I felt empowered to not only teach my kids the best habits about money but I also took away practical tips to involve them in everyday activities that involve money.”"

If you’re interested in attending the Talk, Learn, Do workshop,click here to sign up and find out more. There are limited spaces available, so sign up ASAP to secure your spot!

When registering for the workshop, you’ll be asked to enter your email address, name and answer the question ‘‘How did you find out about this event?’ Please make sure that you select ‘Mumsnet’ as this will allow us to order your £5 Amazon voucher. You’ll then receive a confirmation email from NatWest containing the Zoom link for the workshop. We’ll send you your £5 Amazon voucher in the week following the workshop.

Please note this project is not being run by Mumsnet, and if you sign up you will be sharing your details with NatWest.


Talk, Learn, Do is a workshop created by the Money & Pensions Service and adapted by NatWest Group through its free financial education programme, MoneySense.

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Marmitemarinaded Sun 18-Jul-21 11:01:49

Telling that they’ve not been bothered to come back

LucyBMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 19-Jul-21 09:43:36

Thank you to everyone who has attended the Talk, Learn, Do Workshops so far. We'll be organising the £5 vouchers this week so keep an eye on your emails smile

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JeepersCreeping Fri 23-Jul-21 11:35:53

have the vouchers been emailed out yet? the email address i signed up with isn't the one i used in my mumsnet registration (in fact i no longer have access to my mumsnet registered email, hence using a new one)

i haven't seen anything at my new email address...

LucyBMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 23-Jul-21 12:40:20

Hi @JeepersCreeping,

Thanks for your post. We're in the process of organising the vouchers and these should be with you next week. Please accept our apologies for the delay!

We'll make sure to send your voucher to your new email address smile

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JeepersCreeping Fri 23-Jul-21 18:18:19

Great, thanks!

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