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MNer with a child aged 5-11? Want to help McDonald’s develop their Happy Meal menu? Sign up to take part! NOW CLOSED!

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EmmaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 09-May-18 15:34:43

We are working with McDonald’s to help them develop their new Happy Meal menu. They have asked us to find 10 Mumsnetters who have a child aged 5-11 to come along to a private event at McDonald’s HQ in East Finchley, London to try some potential additions to the Happy Meal menu. The event will take place on Wednesday 23rd May, from 14:30-16:00 and all attendees will receive £30 for taking part. (You won’t need to bring your children along to the event).

Here’s what McDonald’s has to say: “We are constantly looking for ways to enhance our menu from introducing new items to evolving the recipes of our iconic favourites. We’ve taken big steps to improve our Happy Meal in recent years and reducing saturated fat, salt and sugar content across our menu remains a priority. This is why we’re excited to work with Mumsnet to offer even greater choice for parents and their families. We’ve heard from Mumsnetters about what they’d love to see added to the Happy Meal menu, and this is a chance to try the potential additions. We’re excited to see what you think!”

All selected participants will need to be able to travel to East Finchley for 2.30pm on Wednesday 23rd May and discuss their thoughts on the potential new additions. There will be another event on Saturday 23rd June in London, where McDonald’s will be launching the newest addition to the Happy Meal menu following feedback from the attendees. We’d love for you to attend this as well, along with your children to see what you helped create and to try the new menu. After this event we’d like you to leave your feedback on a thread on Mumsnet about your experience and your thoughts on the new Happy Meal menu, as well as posting about your day on one form of social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

McDonald’s will pay for travel expenses of up to £30 and all attendees will be given a £30 cheque for each event they attend, to be delivered to their homes after the event.

If you are interested in taking part, please sign up here.



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BeeMyBaby Wed 09-May-18 19:18:06

Gutted it's always in London. Please ask them to make a vegetarian option!

peoplearemean Wed 09-May-18 20:25:03

Don't automatically stick fries on the happy meal - my daughter hates them and I always have to ask for without!

Princess9891 Wed 09-May-18 21:32:13

Be nice if I could feed my kid the occasional happy meal without it giving him the shits. What are you doing to your food McDonalds?

RippleEffects Wed 09-May-18 21:39:51

I don't think £30 would get me to London and back but if you're accepting comments, I'd really like some veg included in a happy meal. Its not that it's what the children would choose, it's exposure for children who don't get exposed.

I live in one of the countries poorer communities. High free school meals, highly frequented McDonald's.

I do lots of bits with the local primary school and know through exposure DC try all sorts of different things that they don't necessarily see at home.

A little bag of fresh peas, carrots cut into flowers, cucumber sticks, pepper slices etc.

My older DC also enjoy a happy meal. They're not fussed by the toy. I'd like a donate the toy option on the touch selection menu and maybe have a toy donation bin with the new sealed toys going to local schools/ charities for lucky dips and fundraising. Also good for if you get a duplicate rather than taking it home - encourage charity and less waste from a young age.

StayingAtTamaras Wed 09-May-18 22:23:19

@RippleEffects absolutely love that idea! I can't get to London for £30 but if you are open to comments please please consider the donate a toy idea!

MimsyBorogroves Wed 09-May-18 22:37:51

Completely agree with Ripple on everything.

Veg should be included in every meal - too many children are going without. It's something I see on a daily basis in my line of work.

MegBusset Wed 09-May-18 22:43:05

Yes, veg as well as, not instead of fries please - and yes to a veggie option!

Imchlibob Wed 09-May-18 22:47:14

It would be great if McDonald's would work with Quorn to create a veggie happy meal. The existing McDonald's veggie burger is not at all kid-friendly. Chips and carrot sticks do not make a very good meal but that's all they can have at the moment.

noenergy Thu 10-May-18 00:48:55

Would love to see a veggie burger or fish burger as a kids option.

aibubeingonmnatthishour Thu 10-May-18 01:02:42

I don't think it's too bad with the carrot sticks and fruit bags plus water, OJ or organic milk on the menu. Be nice if there was some thought added to the main choices though - a healthier option of sorts

Cloudsarebright Thu 10-May-18 02:59:22

Vegetarian option yes!!

ThisIsNotARealAvo Thu 10-May-18 05:49:34

I'd like to see more transparent advertising about ingredients. Current advert for chicken nuggets makes a big deal about how they are 100% chicken breast. There have been similar ones about how the burgers are 100% beef. But what is in the buns, the nuggets coating, the ketchup etc? It's misleading to say a nugget is just chicken breast because if it was it would be dry as all hell and my kids wouldn't choose them.

GreasyFryUp Thu 10-May-18 06:37:04

No toys. Think of the landfill....

Chembe Thu 10-May-18 06:46:14

Please be a veggie option for the happy meals! At the moment my daughter gets a cheeseburger without the patty, so essentially a cheese roll! confused

Alltheprettyseahorses Thu 10-May-18 08:51:43

Yes - please, please, please do a veggie option for the happy meal. McDonalds must be the only national chain that doesn't have an alternative. Vegetarianism hasn't been niche for decades, if it ever was.

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Thu 10-May-18 10:55:38

Greasy landfill? My DC have kept their McDonald's toys, they still have the ones from London 2012!

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Thu 10-May-18 10:57:00

I'd sign up, but I've no idea who'd pick my DC up. 😭

Zeze247 Thu 10-May-18 13:07:22

Yes vegan/veggie happy meal please have tweeted McDonalds various times about this but never a reply. Doesn’t even have to be fake meat the veggie fingers as good.

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Thu 10-May-18 14:31:02

Have just realised it's a Wednesday, they go to a club until 6, I just need to arrange for DD to get permission to leave school on her own. Have signed up. 😆

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Thu 10-May-18 14:32:57

Can I bring 2 children to the event in June?

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Thu 10-May-18 14:36:00

I've said it before on here, if Happy Meals are aimed at 5-11 year olds, they're a bit small. DD 10 now has a McChicken sandwich meal.

swipex341 Thu 10-May-18 14:42:59

I have to say that now I have to order extra food for my daughters if they have a happy meal. It's just not enough. Maybe a few extra chicken nuggets would go down a treat 😂

mumsbe Thu 10-May-18 17:58:41

Could we have some product tests in sunderland or Newcastle please the ones where you visit are always London thanks

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Thu 10-May-18 18:01:30

DD has asked if you could do a chicken burger on the Happy Meal menu please?

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