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NOW CLOSED: Are you interested in signing up to a 'Returning Talent' programme with Bank of America Merrill Lynch – we are looking for folk on a career break who are looking to return to work

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 10-May-12 14:49:47


We have been working with Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BofAML) on their plans for an exciting idea for a return to work programme. We asked our panel members to complete a survey about this and now the programme has been finalised we are looking for MNers to attend. Apologies in advance to those for whom getting to London is a problem.

The programme is aimed at folk who fit the following specific criteria:

a) who are currently on a career break;
b) who had previously worked in a management type role, for example: this could be an IT manager in any business, a project manager in local authority, or management level jobs in areas such as law, communications or PR, HR, marketing or in a financial institution etc; c) who are planning a return to work

Michelle Fullerton, head of Diversity and Inclusion at BofAML says, "As an employer of choice and recognised as one of The Times? Top 50 Employers for Women, we are keen to ensure we attract, retain and develop talented individuals. We recognise that choosing to have a family is a very important stage in a man or woman's life, and that some decide to take time away from work to focus completely on caring for their family."

"We would like to offer 20 men or women who have been away from work for three or more years in order to stay at home and care for their family, the opportunity to benefit from our Returning Talent programme."

"Returning Talent has been devised as a way to support men and women returning to work. It offers three one day workshops (scheduled around childcare), executive coaching and access to employees and experts from BofAML. At the end of the programme, we hope that alumni will feel better prepared and confident to re-enter the world of work, either at our company or at another corporation."

The programme is being delivered by Maternity Coaching (the company that currently delivers maternity coaching to BofAML employees and their managers.)

Programme dates, times and locations:

The sessions will be hosted at BofAML's offices in City or Canary Wharf from 10:30am-4pm:

~ Monday, 18 June
~ Thursday, 21 June
~ Wednesday, 27 June

With regret no children. You will need to make your own way to the locations and lunch/ drinks will be served. You will need to attend all three sessions and stay for the whole session.

If you're able to attend all three sessions please add your details to this form by 28 May at 5pm. We will be in touch with those selected to attend on or before Wednesday, 6 June.

Any questions please ask on this thread and we will get a response for you.

Good luck and thanks, MNHQ

bochead Tue 15-May-12 13:54:02

Signed up. Anything that gets the grey cells kick started again will be a welcome boost. I've been looking in the financial sector for months now and am hoping this will get me over the starting line towards a new role.

BuntyCollocks Tue 15-May-12 15:10:05

Well done, BAML! DH and I are currently very happy employees with them, and the package we both have is very family orientated (emergency childcare if your child is ill and you need to be at work). Great employers, great initiative.

veryconfusedatthemoment Tue 15-May-12 17:32:54

Hi Bunty - that is good to hear. So many of the City firms are form over substance about this stuff.

beresh Wed 16-May-12 07:37:41

Is the programme just for UK residents? I am British but am currently living in Europe and looking to re-enter the world of work. Coming to London for the course wouldn't be a problem.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 16-May-12 09:44:09

beresh - do apply and explain that on the form. thanks

ishopthereforeiam Wed 16-May-12 13:35:30

Fabulous initiative.

Want2bSupermum Thu 17-May-12 01:46:34

Are they going to offer something like this in New York? I am thinking of taking a break and if this program existed in NYC I would be much more comfortable taking a 12-18 month break.

Putthatbookdown Sat 19-May-12 21:11:01

Yes please

Solo Sun 20-May-12 10:42:35

I doubt that being responsible for inmates is what they are looking for AnnMumsnet (??)

Want2bSupermum Sun 20-May-12 12:15:44

Solo I would say that experience is perfect for some trading floors.

Solo Sun 20-May-12 12:19:43

But I'm not sure that's what they're looking for. I'm due to return to work by January and I'm dreading it, so would love a change of direction...just not qualified to change it iyswim?

Solo Sun 20-May-12 12:25:10

Although...I did run a department in a store and had 3 pt staff and I was in a supervisory role for London Transport, but these were a Lifetime ago...20 years and more!

Solo Sun 20-May-12 12:25:43

I think I've lost my confidence.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 20-May-12 16:37:09

Go on Solo - apply - you never know! Direction changers are welcome.....

Solo Sun 20-May-12 23:49:17

I did consider applying, but I really doubt I have anything to offer and I really hate the thought of looking stupid amongst the high flying managerial types! and childcare would be a problem too......
Will give it some thought.

Gigaflops Tue 22-May-12 11:17:31

Would love to but am on holiday! aargh! Hope they get another session scheduled...

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 22-May-12 17:05:41

Thanks to everyone who has applied so far....we've just (due to meeting arrangements) been able to extend the deadline for applying to Monday 28 May at 5pm (OP has been amended) thanks..

MoreBeta Wed 23-May-12 12:40:29

I applied. Curently looking to restart professional career and facing some unexpected difficulties. Not sure if they expect any Dads to apply but looks interesting.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 23-May-12 16:28:22

UPDATE: For this programme BoAML say you don’t need to have managed people to apply and they are keen to consider as wide a pool of candidates as possible.

Frontpaw Thu 24-May-12 13:44:04

Wow! What a great thing to offer! And they aren't trying to charge for it (unlike so many other places who are 'helping' you back into the workplace).

Am dusting off my suit and heels as I type.........

Solo Thu 24-May-12 16:31:36

I just can't do it because of the school run...and I can't afford a cm, it would be hard enough finding train fare, so that's that I think.

Frontpaw Thu 24-May-12 16:41:03

Solo, can't you try to get some play dates for those days?

Solo Thu 24-May-12 16:42:53

Don't do play dates... sad

Frontpaw Thu 24-May-12 17:43:49

Not for you, for the kids! [Wink]
Can you call in some favours?

Solo Thu 24-May-12 23:38:20

smile Awww!!

No, seriously, the only person that might have helped can't as her Dc's are at different schools and not near mine iyswim?
Still thinking about how I can get round it though...

might only have jeans to wear too... blush

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