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NOW CLOSED Are you are applying enough sun cream on yourself & your kids? We want to put this to the test! MNers needed to attend event in London on Wed 25 April - £100 of goodies + travel

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TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 13-Apr-12 17:15:07

*Entries close 9am Weds 18 April*.

We've been asked by the folks at Garnier Ambre Solaire to find 3 MNers and their child(ren) who would be able and willing to go along to a special event in London on Wednesday 25 April from 10am – 5pm. The event is designed to showcase how much or how little sun lotion we apply and how much we should be applying.

Attendees will be asked to apply lotion as they would normally and then to be filmed in a special tent using a special camera which can highlight all the bits which have been missed and analyse where more lotion (or less) is needed.

The team at Ambre Solaire will then make a film about the day and this will be shown on Mumsnet, and other media channels as required - please note there will be a big promotion on the back of the film so please only apply if you are happy to star in this film and have your child(ren) filmed and be seen!

Ambre Solaire have asked that children be filmed wearing beachwear (shorts or swim suit, a T-shirt & sun-hat) and for at least one Mumsnetter to wear beach style clothing too (though you won't need to travel to the event in your cossie!) so please only apply if you are happy to do this or happy for your child(ren) to be filmed.

The team at Ambre Solaire will then make a film about the day and this will be shown on Mumsnet, and other media channels described in the full T&C's.

This is a chance to learn about sun protection for your family - and we would also want you to add your feedback to a thread on Mumsnet to share what you have learnt.

In return for attending each Mum will receive a gift box of Garnier products to the value of RRP£100 and lunch will be served. You will also receive up to £150 in travel expenses.

Apologies - we realise this is a normal school day and that this may mean older children will be unlikely to be able to attend. We are looking for a mix of folks to attend - maybe you could come with pre school-aged children. The event is only suitable for children who are aged 3+years.

This promises to be an amazing event with a few surprises during the session - as well as an opportunity to learn about skin protection in a unique way.
If you'd like to attend please add your details and complete the following questionnaire here.

No purchase necessary. Entries close 9am Wednesday 18 April 2012. Offer open to UK & ROI residents only, aged 18 and over. See full Terms & Conditions here.

StickingLaboutin Fri 13-Apr-12 23:26:53

Done. I am interested to see if I really do use enough cream on the kids and me. I'm paranoid about those fiddly bits like the tops of ears and hair parting on scalps.

southeastastra Fri 13-Apr-12 23:28:01

this sunscreen thing is bonkers imo

LongStory Sat 14-Apr-12 00:12:33

agreed. I'm sure my son is allergic to most sunscreens as he gets all puffy after I put on most brands, and I dread to think what chemicals they contain. I build up their tolerance to sun thoughtfully through the season and rarely use the stuff. They're lovely and brown by the end of the summer but in 12 years with 5 children we've never once had a case of sunburn. One of my relatives' sons is scared to go outdoors without it on.

FrankWippery Sat 14-Apr-12 00:29:50

Done it. I like to think after living in Southern Spain for the best part of the last decade I am pretty sun aware, so would be very interested to see if my slippery child sun creaming skills are up to scratch grin

Valpollicella Sat 14-Apr-12 00:41:56

Garnier... You' d get a far more representative group of parents and children if you did a sat session for this. Limiting it to 3-4 yo who dont go to nursery in the morning is a pretty small demographic.

Plus I wouldbe interested to see if parents apply the same level of sunscreen cover to a 3 yo as they do to a 7yo, for example

Just saying....

FrankWippery Sat 14-Apr-12 00:51:36

Good point Val. Personally, I would apply it more frequently to an older child than my 3 year old - from experience they are certainly in and out of the pool far more often than the smalls.

jomidmum Sat 14-Apr-12 08:07:23

Why don't you post it on the home ed page? There are loads of parents on there of older children who have no restriction of school times smile

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 14-Apr-12 10:21:30

thanks for those who have applied so far and for the comments....ideally this would have been in school holidays but time was against us....good point re home ed - will see what I can do! thanks.

bronze Sat 14-Apr-12 11:26:34

Will they also be testing vitamin levels?

bronze Sat 14-Apr-12 11:30:29

Bloody phone... vitamin d levels too

tiredandbusy Sat 14-Apr-12 11:53:54

Some time in the sun for vitamin D then a t shirt and hat??? Simple.

spammertime Sun 15-Apr-12 11:44:49

Sorry for thread hijack, but having seen a close family friend die of skin cancer because they had "the sort of skin that just goes brown", and who never got sunburnt in his life, I would totally disagree that building things up gradually is the way to go.

trinot Sun 15-Apr-12 13:16:33

What a surprise...a suncream company wants you to use more suncream...what people need to apply is some common sense. I live on the west coast of scotland, where we have very little sun and I use very little suncream on my olive skinned child. On my fair child, I use much, much more...she burns instantly. If I lived in Australia I would use far more suncream on both of my children. Like so many health issues, for example how much water we should drink, a company has used scaremongering to get us to buy more of their product. Wake up people, wake up are being used

whomovedmychocolate Sun 15-Apr-12 13:48:47

I'm up for it and will wear a sarongy thing or shorts (bad idea) or a swimming cossie and shorts providing I am only shown in motion (actually the motion goes on when I stop so it may take a while) wink DS will merrily dance in his swimmies for the price of a bag of buttons!

AliceHurled Sun 15-Apr-12 16:16:58

I wonder whether they'll conclude that people don't use enough and need to buy more of their suncream.

BlackEyed Sun 15-Apr-12 19:34:19

That is clearly the aim Alice which is why this sort of thing makes me uncomfortable, especially with the increased cases of rickets and vitamin d defincancy.

The last thing parents need is to be scared into giving kids even less sun exposure. Let's face it a suncream company is hardly going to tell parents to use less, let their children have access to the vital vitamin d contained in sunshine and stop panicking about keeping them covered 24/7. They aim to make money after all.

naturalbaby Sun 15-Apr-12 21:26:11

I'd love to but not sure what I would do with my 2yr old and 1yr old?

AliceHurled Sun 15-Apr-12 21:33:57

Exactly blackeyed.

QOD Sun 15-Apr-12 22:06:20

Shame, my 13 yr old would have loved being filmed whilst we bickered about sun cream!

(she puts far too much on)

PoppaRob Mon 16-Apr-12 04:45:47

Chiming in as an Aussie and ex surf life saver... whatever you're using is probably a third of what you should be using. Granted we have more exposure to UV here than you Brits do, but the recommendation is 30ml (a teaspoonful) per leg, 15ml per arm, 30ml for the torso and 15ml for the head. I guess that's why we Aussies buy the stuff in pump packs! Brands like Banana Boat are popular, but the supermarket stuff is cheaper, and if it's cheaper you'll use something closer to the proper amount. And remember water and sweat wash the stuff off, so pop some more on every hour... unless of course you know for a fact that you're immune to skin cancer and/or you find skin that looks like old leather attractive.

We teach schoolkids here "Slip Slop Slap Seek Slide". Slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen, slap on a hat, seek shade and slide on sunglasses.

PoppaRob Mon 16-Apr-12 04:52:34

@naturalbaby - We use a roll-on SPF30 sunscreen for sensitive skin on my grand-daughter. Easy to apply and it applies easily so you can get good coverage. If she's going to be in the sun for more than 20 minutes or so she has a long sleeved t-shirt and longish shorts on too. Even at daycare and playgroups they follow a national "no hat - no play" policy.

@QOD - Chances are she actually puts the right amount on. Buy her a pump pack and let her use as much as she wants. Each squirt from a pump pack is about the 30ml (teaspoonful) you want.

When I was a kid putting a seatbelt on seemed a hassle but we got used to it and it saved lives. From the 80s onwards we Aussies became more sunsmart and slopping on sunscreen seems as natural as wearing a seatbelt.

FrothingBeserker Mon 16-Apr-12 11:12:51

um, a teaspoonful is 5ml. 30ml is about 2 tablespoonfuls.

QuintessentialShadows Mon 16-Apr-12 12:44:51

Next you know, Sunlotion will come with free fish oil capsules. wink

I imagine: Eye Q and Ambre solaire team up to give a low cost solution to vitamin d deficiency: subscribe to our annual pack, sunlotion plus omega3 in summer, moisturizer plus omega 3 in winter. Only £300 per year.

Molybdenum Mon 16-Apr-12 18:45:19

This is disgraceful in a country with an epidemic of vitamin D deficiency!

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