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NOW CLOSED: Dolmio Event feedback thread

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 18-Apr-11 14:57:30

Dolmio are hosting a series of events to promote their range of 100% Natural Bolognese sauces. They would very much like Mumsnetters and their children to attend a "Dolmio 100% Natural Fun Day" and then to add their feedback about the event on this thread to tell other MNers (and Dolmio) what they thought about it. Events are being held at various shopping centres across the UK - see below for more details.

Everyone who visits an event and returns to Mumsnet to add feedback to this thread be entered into a prize draw to win a £200 John Lewis voucher and a Dolmio hamper. Once you've been to the event all you have to do is say a) which event you attended and b) what you and your children thought of it. Do also let us know how you got on with the World Record attempt grin

The events are being held as follows:

Birmingham Bullring Shopping Centre: Saturday 23rd April
Essex/ London - Lakeside Shopping Centre: Saturday 30th April
Glasgow Braehead Shopping Centre: Saturday 7th May
Newcastle/ Gateshead Metro Centre: Saturday 14th May
Manchester Trafford Centre: Saturday 21st May

Dolmio say the events will feature the following:

"World Record Attempt - Each family will receive a ball of dough and will be able to feed it through a pasta machine in an attempt to beat the 7ft world record. Once they have completed their attempt an independent adjudicator will measure the pasta, record it's length, take a photo of the family with their creation and bag it up in a branded bag for them to take home and cook together. A leader board will record the longest attempts each hour, and at the end of that hour the leader will win a branded herb grow kit"

Also there will be pasta collages to make with your child, face painting and free samples of Dolmio on pasta to try.

The events are open to all so please also tell your friends about it. Do 'watch' this thread to remind yourself to give feedback after the event.

Thanks, MNHQ

MrsTumbles Sun 22-May-11 18:45:58

DD (2.6) and I popped along to this yesterday. The staff were making big fusses over the parents with slightly older children and those there as families (Male and Female parent, chid(ren) aged 4+). My DH was working so it was just me and DD and after being ignored for over 5 minutes (including the taster Woman walking straight past us - twice, and with me doing my best starving face too!) we realised that we obviously didn't meet the demographic that they were looking for. (BTW, they weren't particularly busy when we went past so it wasn't a case of us getting lost in the heaving crowd)

DD and I had made a trip down there as we had nothing better to do and I remembered this being 'advertised' on MN, needless to say they have done a very good job of keeping my family buying non-dolmio goods, not the greatest loss to us as a family!

minipen Wed 01-Jun-11 16:48:55

I am so easily led, after reading about the pasta making I thought I needed one, much better to make a fool out of myself at home than in public. We had the pasta samples (Trafford centre) , very tasty & we spent, well slightly more than we intended, good day out though smile

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 24-Jun-11 10:50:40

ouryve has been (belatedly) selected at random as the winner for adding her feedback. Well done and thanks to everyone who went

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