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Rabbit Hole reviews - What did you think?

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JosieMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 31-Jan-11 10:02:17

This thread is for the MNers who attended a preview screening of Rabbit Hole on Sunday 30th January. Everyone who adds a review on this thread will be entered into a prize draw where one winner will win a Cineworld Annual pass for 2 with unlimited tickets, plus we have five pairs of tickets for runners up.
Below are some questions to get you started, please feel free to add your own comments as well.

What was your overall impression of the film? Anything you particularly liked or disliked?
Would you recommend seeing the film to friends who are also parents? Why?
What about friends who are not parents, would you recommend it to them? Why?
If you wouldn't recommend it to anyone, why not?
If you would recommend it, would you say it's a film people should see in the cinema, or would you say wait for the DVD or blu ray?
How would you describe the film to someone who knew nothing about it now that you've seen it?
Do you think you'd buy or rent the film on DVD or blu ray now that you've seen it? Why?

Any other final comments/feedback are of course welcome.

Many thanks


Biblioqueen Wed 09-Feb-11 19:04:02

As parents who lost a child ourselves (a stillborn baby boy, different but still a loss) we were a bit apprehensive about seeing the film, but found that it was sensitive and perceptive portrayal of a particular kind of grief that we knew can be so excruciatingly unremitting and all-consuming, and also so divisive.

Nicole K was very convincing - the lack of hysteria was refreshing. and the relationship between NK and the teenager was incredibly poignant and authentic - and unexpected. I didn't think it was bleak, maybe a bit uncomfortable at times, but this was transcended by the sensitive character portrayals. I'd recommend it (and have done, but maybe not to newly-bereaved parents, too raw) as a real window on the frustration and chasm that can open between two grieving parents. I identified with some of what was on screen, definitely, because of my experience, and it brought back feelings from 20 years ago for me, but not in a bad way, which might sound odd. It was good to see both the mother and the father's point of view and approach to mourning treated equally in parallel, a very successful filmic strategy.

I wouldn't see it again on DVD - it was really good at the cinema (never been to Empire, very plush and uber-comfy seats- thanks, Mumsnet). Wish people hadn't been crunching popcorn through the most harrowing bits though

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