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Visit the Cadbury Magical wishes workshop and/or tell us what you would wish for and you could win a £50 Cadbury hamper. Events across the country

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carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 17-Nov-10 11:12:07

Cadbury began supporting Make-A-Wish Foundation® in 2009 and pledged to donate £400,000 over a three-year period. Make-A-Wish grants magical wishes to children and young people in the UK and Ireland who are fighting life-threatening illnesses.

This Christmas, Cadbury is launching Cadbury Wishes - a star-shaped milk-chocolate treat - and for every Cadbury Wishes star bought, Cadbury will donate 10% of the profits to Make-A-Wish.

Cadbury is also taking its magical Wishes Workshops up and down the country in the run-up to Christmas. For more information please click here.

Everyone who visits a Cadbury Wish Workshop and returns to Mumsnet to add feedback to this thread be entered into a prize draw to win a Cadbury hamper. All you have to do is say a) where you saw the wish workshop and b) what you thought of it (and maybe what you wished smile). Everyone who does this will be entered into a prize draw where one lucky winner will receive a Cadbury Hamper worth £50

We've actually got 2 hampers to give away, so if you're unable to visit one of the events or if you just want another chance to win a hamper grin Cadbury wants to know what wish you would make if you could make any wish. This can be anything you like, (it doesn't have to be chocolate related!). Please post your wishes below and everyone who adds their wish here will be entered into a prize draw where one winner (at random) will receive a Cadbury Hamper worth £50.

Please note the standard Terms and Conditions for a Mumsnet competition apply to this promotion (see here for more details) - the closing date however will be once all Wish Workshops have taken place - on 21 December. The two winners will be emailed then. Promoter: Mumsnet Limited. Studio 6, Deane House Studios, Greenwood Place, Highgate Road, London NW5 1LB

butterflymum Wed 17-Nov-10 20:44:53

I wish that Cadbury hadn't bothered to show Northern Ireland on their map when they, like a lot of companies, will not even be bothering to bring their Workshop/Roadshow over here.


PrettyCandles Wed 17-Nov-10 20:49:49

I wish I knew what this weird rash I've got is, because I thought it was an allergy but now dd's got it.

BelleDeChocChipCookieMonster Wed 17-Nov-10 20:53:06

I wish that someone wanted to publish my lovely childrens book.

CheeryCherry Wed 17-Nov-10 21:15:06

None near me.
One wish? That my family remain happy and healthy in their long, fullfilled lives. smile

PlentyOfPockets Wed 17-Nov-10 21:23:17

I wish that Cadbury was still a British-owned company.

bosch Wed 17-Nov-10 21:26:03

Hmm, not really covering the north of england in any meaningful way then?

Cadbury's clearly mean to leave us 'oop north' to the tender mercies of Nestle and Thorntons then. C'est la vie.

I wish that my husband and children believed in God.

MaryBS Wed 17-Nov-10 21:56:10

I wish kids would be nicer to my DS (who has Aspergers)

StealthPomBear Wed 17-Nov-10 22:05:23

I'll second thefirstMrsDeVere's wish

llynnnn Wed 17-Nov-10 22:06:47

I wish for my dh's surgery to go well so he can finally be pain free and we can all start enjoying time together as a family again x

PandaEisIsLookingForwardToXmas Thu 18-Nov-10 01:03:32

I wish... for people to get their wishes (mrsdeveresad) and for me... I wish i could carry another healthy baby so i could give my DD the brother or sister she asks for every day.

ProfYaffle Thu 18-Nov-10 08:06:43

I can't believe there's actually a workshop near me - things like this normally miss East Anglia altogether. I wish we could go but it's dh's 40th birthday this weekend so we're busy elsewhere.

However, my real wish is that all the meningioma cells in dh's brain tumour site really have died and there isn't 1 or 2 lurking in there waiting to re-grow again. smile

Oh, and on a related matter, I wish he could get onto the new fancy pants scanner trial (can't remember what it's called now) in London which would give us the definitive answer to the above question one way or the other.

Bert2e Thu 18-Nov-10 10:29:15

I wish my Dad had been alive to meet my boys [cry]

LadyBuzz Thu 18-Nov-10 10:38:31

I wish I could have just 1 day with my mum as and adult and she could meet her granchildren.

magnolia74 Thu 18-Nov-10 11:09:37

None near me either sad

I wish that my friends husband would have a miracle cure sad

JaniceSoprano Thu 18-Nov-10 11:13:18

lol look teh WHOLE of hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire is missed out!

JaniceSoprano Thu 18-Nov-10 11:13:36

I wish youd give me all your choclate

JaniceSoprano Thu 18-Nov-10 11:14:08

am worried that worcester seems to haev relocated to bristol on the map

ISayISayISay Thu 18-Nov-10 12:06:44

I wish that the different, longed-for, high-risk pregnancies of my friends all have a happy ending.

walkingonthemoon Thu 18-Nov-10 14:07:03

I wish that someone clever could find a cure for the blummin awful disease that cancer is.

AngiePaw Thu 18-Nov-10 14:37:50

I wish DD would get the hang of using the toilet and stop doing tinkles in her knickers <sigh> x

DurhamDurham Thu 18-Nov-10 14:38:25

I wish that I wasn't so fond of chocolate....BUT as I am I feel it is Cadbury's moral duty to provide me a free fix now and then. Hopefully now grin

thefirstMrsDeVere Thu 18-Nov-10 15:34:20

There IS a workshop in London so I suppose I shouldnt grumble. But its so far away and so hard to get to(you wouldnt want to attempt to drive and bugger taking all mine on the tube).

I am so sad that there are so many posters wishing for things they cant have. Im sorry everyone sad

I appreciate as ever the funny posts as well though.

Its a great charity though so I hope they get some benefit from this .

fruitshootsandheaves Thu 18-Nov-10 16:46:21

I wish I had had the courage to speak to someone about my 'experience' years ago. Maybe it wouldn't still be affecting me now.

longdarktunnel Thu 18-Nov-10 17:50:35

I wish that whatever hand life deals my children, they will behave with courage and kindness at all times.

onlyjoking9329 Thu 18-Nov-10 18:28:39

I wish me and the kids could have a day with their dad and that cancer hadn't killed him.
It's a great charity that took my friends family to Lapland I have it on DVD but it makes me sob to see all those children and wonder if any of them are still alive.

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