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We're all off to Donington on Friday (for track day with Ford)...

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 11-Oct-10 11:40:21

This thread is for attendees of the "Ford-Mumsnet Donington track day" on Friday 15th October to sign in and share their excitement/ travel plans/ fashion issues etc etc

If you are coming please do sign in.

If you are not currently coming but would like to (after checking out the details on the linked to thread above) please email There are bound to be some folks who are unable to attend and there are also a few spaces still available so we'd love you to come - just let us know asap.

Donning the driving gloves from MNHQ will be myself and Jennifer and we're looking forward to meeting you all smile [slightly worried] smile


NoahAndTheWhale Mon 11-Oct-10 15:01:42

I am coming from York so a couple of hours of motorway for me too. Will be wearing jeans probably. No Boden grin

satine Mon 11-Oct-10 15:10:52

I am indeed suffering from 'fashion issues' - I hate trousers, and only own one pair of rather ancient Converse sneakers. I may have to go shopping.......

BorgQueen Mon 11-Oct-10 15:16:08

I've got a horrible feeling that we are going to be the oldies for the day blush .
Is anyone else over 40 with grown up children?

HeadlessLadyBiscuit Mon 11-Oct-10 15:17:36

I'm over 40 but have a young child. I have friends with grown up children though if that helps BQ

satine Mon 11-Oct-10 15:22:35

Due to awkward ex-h not co-operating I've got to come from Sussex that morning....grr....please can someone save me a bacon sarnie?!!

BorgQueen Mon 11-Oct-10 15:24:21

At least I'm not the only over-40 mature lady then ( I'm 44 and DH is 45) smile.

We all need to channel Vicky Butler-Henderson ( or VBH as DH calls her) for the day. wink

Is it only mumsnetters and their partners/friends/siblings going?

BorgQueen Mon 11-Oct-10 15:29:29

Sussex, Satine? shock wow, you're hardcore. I'm moaning because we have to set off around 8am!
If anyone is coming down the A50 from the M6, be aware that the (Mcdonalds) roundabout at Uttoxeter is awful between 8 and 9am, it can easily take 15 minutes to negotiate.

BonzoDooDah Mon 11-Oct-10 15:36:30

Thanks BorgQueen - We're doing that route from Manchester - down the M6 and across. Looks like we'll be leaving at stupid o'clock (7am?). They better have good coffee!

BecauseImWorthIt Mon 11-Oct-10 15:45:20

BorgQueen - no worries, I'm 51 and my guest is older than me!

BorgQueen Mon 11-Oct-10 15:50:28

The M6 on a Friday morning is mental around junctions 15/16 Bonzo, good luck!
I'd get off at 16, it's a lot less hassle traffic wise, apart from the area around Brittania stadium - if you get off at 15 you go right through Stoke and it's a nightmare at rush hour.

BorgQueen Mon 11-Oct-10 15:54:48

SORRY Bonzo - I got that the wrong way round, it's 15 that's a better junction!!

swissmiss Mon 11-Oct-10 16:19:44

satine i should be there early enough to save you a sarnie.

I'll be leaving at 6.20! DH starts work in B'ham @ 7.30 so I'll get a lift the 70 odd miles from home to his work and then drive across to Donnington. Should manage that in 2hrs even with a stop at the IL's near Ashby for a cuppa. However they won't be there as they'll be down at ours Thurs nite so they are ready and waiting to take over the 3DC's @6am until we get home when it's time for kids to be in bed. I'm stupidly excited about having a kid free day.

BQ channeling VBH, probably better than Penny Mallory.

Hadn't thought about what bag to bring - probably my little kipling rucksac - big enough for a few items but no need to bring all the usual kids crap with!

swissmiss Mon 11-Oct-10 16:20:22

rubyruby shall we call you Ben?!?

CMOTdibbler Mon 11-Oct-10 16:21:15

I'll be there, but not coming from too far

pinkem Mon 11-Oct-10 16:21:17

I'll be wearing large sunglasses to cover up my eye bags from setting off at 7am!!

I think I'll be going in Jeans although not sure if they will be my 'old falling to bits jeans' or my 'skinny can't breath jeans'!!

Do we think that we will only be filmed from the waist up? That would half the clothing problem!!

HeadlessLadyBiscuit Mon 11-Oct-10 16:22:41

Can you save me a sandwich too swissmiss if I don't get there in time? I very rarely eat bacon butties but I love them blush

swissmiss Mon 11-Oct-10 16:32:04

Of course HLB

Honestly the clothes are one thing but if it's windy I dread to think what my hair'll be doing, fizzing up and flyaway. Shall I just scrap it into a ponytail and wear a baseball cap?

HeadlessLadyBiscuit Mon 11-Oct-10 16:33:37

Thank you very much - OMG I am going to have to out myself (although after the Oven Pride thread I clearly have none (pride that is) )

I am definitely going for ponytail - I can't see if it's windy and my hair is loose

swissmiss Mon 11-Oct-10 16:33:48

Had to laugh at my DH - he said he didn't want to show me up with his good driving so he wouldn't come with hmm Actually he'd love to come but can't get time off work.

swissmiss Mon 11-Oct-10 16:34:58

I thought the same about having to out yourself to claim the sarnie, otherwise I could be giving them to random strangers wink

NoahAndTheWhale Mon 11-Oct-10 16:43:29

I am having a hair cut and eyebrow wax on Thursday but this is mainly a coincidence.

ChippyMinton Mon 11-Oct-10 16:51:57

Signing in.
Anyone else staying locally the night before?

preghead Mon 11-Oct-10 17:15:55

Can you ask them while you are there why they are doing all this heavy marketing of family cars on MN, which I have no problem with, yet cannot currently supply a new Ford SMAX (the target car to the target audience surely?) anywhere in the UK? We have been waiting for ours for months and they are now saying January!! Anyway, I digress, enjoy the driving!

llareggub Mon 11-Oct-10 18:07:52

Signing in!

I've no idea what I am going to wear but it will probably involve boots and leggings, weather dependent of course.

choufleur Mon 11-Oct-10 18:14:51

Hello just signing in. I've not really thought about what to wear. DH is very jealous as he broke his leg earlier this year and still can't drive so I'm bringing a friend instead.

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