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We're all off to Donington on Friday (for track day with Ford)...

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 11-Oct-10 11:40:21

This thread is for attendees of the "Ford-Mumsnet Donington track day" on Friday 15th October to sign in and share their excitement/ travel plans/ fashion issues etc etc

If you are coming please do sign in.

If you are not currently coming but would like to (after checking out the details on the linked to thread above) please email There are bound to be some folks who are unable to attend and there are also a few spaces still available so we'd love you to come - just let us know asap.

Donning the driving gloves from MNHQ will be myself and Jennifer and we're looking forward to meeting you all smile [slightly worried] smile


rubyrubyruby Mon 11-Oct-10 11:51:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Whoamireally Mon 11-Oct-10 12:41:26

I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it...<very little of it these days y'see> I know, I know I know, I know, I know, I want you a hot lap in a very fast car wink

MNHQ have still not answered the 'will we be ourselves or our MN personas' question - v important. DH does not know my MN moniker and I'd quite like to keep it that way. I do not want him straying onto a Friday night bumsex thread and seeing that I have even so much as loitered grin

Ruby Johnny makes a habit of turning up in unexpected places so who knows, maybe if we all wish hard enough it'll happen grin

momonamission Mon 11-Oct-10 12:42:50

Helen has already been on the Joules site looking for stretch jeans and Wax jacket - and there are no sizes in stock - she's in dilemma mode now! I'm deliberating on old jeans OR OLDER JEANS with whatever I grab first! You're joking about the driving gloves right?

Whoamireally Mon 11-Oct-10 12:46:19

Feck. If you're wearing driving gloves, I really do need to find my Hermes headscarf. Pronto.

rubyrubyruby Mon 11-Oct-10 13:02:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BecauseImWorthIt Mon 11-Oct-10 13:04:59

I will be there.

I have no idea what I will be wearing but doubt it will be memorable!

I'm going for comfy. Which is my usual approach to dressing.


Whoamireally Mon 11-Oct-10 13:08:23

Ruby, I won't be wearing anything that may suggest I can actually drive well wink

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 11-Oct-10 13:16:01

The driving gloves were a joke!

We'll be using RL names - no-one but I and my trusty spreadsheet will know who's who!

JenniferMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 11-Oct-10 13:33:03

Hi Everyone
So excited, I have always always wanted to do this
Got childcare sorted( no mean feat)
Just now praying my Boden biker jacket will turn up in time !
Johnny Depp wink

LynetteScavo Mon 11-Oct-10 13:43:23

This is going to sound really stupid, but what about bags? I have no idea what type of bag one needs for a day like this. hmm

BorgQueen Mon 11-Oct-10 13:46:42

Well this name has been created so my usual persona will not be revealed, I'm far too sharing on threads and don't want people to point and laugh.

Really looking forward to the day, DH couldn't believe it when I told him, he's as excited as me. grin
I'm particularly looking forward to the 4x4 course.

I haven't even thought about what to wear!

BonzoDooDah Mon 11-Oct-10 13:49:51

Oh heck! We're wearing stuff?? [scurries off to root through wardrobe]

My sister and I are planning on laughing like loons through the whole 4x4 course. Shall we bring ear-defenders for the instructors?

Whoamireally Mon 11-Oct-10 13:54:03

Oooh. Good point Lynette. My usual style is to dump my bag on passenger's lap and say 'here, hang on to this will you? If my phone rings, it's in the top pocket' I doubt racey-driver type hot lap man will appreciate that hmm

Failing that, it will probably be the MN version of a red rose in the lapel.... my last-season Boden patent satchel. Regular MNer's will be able to spot it and nod knowingly...'ah, so that's Whoamireally'. Boden-ignorant husbands will be none the wiser.

HeadlessLadyBiscuit Mon 11-Oct-10 13:55:11

Judging by the weather I am going to wear something warm. That's about as far as I've got

LynetteScavo Mon 11-Oct-10 13:55:58

Right, I've riffled through my wardrobe, and have just found a jumper than covers up all my lumps and bumps.

I've just chucked it in the wash, so if it doesn't shrink I will be wearing that with jeans and a not very waterproof jacket. (I don't actually own a water proof jacket)

LynetteScavo Mon 11-Oct-10 13:57:32

OMG I was going to bring my Boden Satchel!!!

<<screams with laughter>>

It can be our secret sign!!! grin

rubyrubyruby Mon 11-Oct-10 14:03:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BorgQueen Mon 11-Oct-10 14:05:22

I don't own any Boden, satchels or otherwise.

I'll probably wear combats and something confused.

I really should have bought that nice Barbour/biker jacket in John Lewis yesterday.

vnmum Mon 11-Oct-10 14:06:22

hi, im coming to this on friday too. I'm quite excited. Don't know what i will be wearing as i'm inbetween my fat clothes and thin clothes at the moment so it will probably be jeans with a top that fits smile.

DH is gutted he can't actually drive the Focus RS and is looking forward to test driving the mondeo. I am looking forward to everything! Hopefully the 4x4 bit will be good(we used to own a 4x4 pickup and i loved it).

I am looking forward to meeting everyone and hopefully the indian summer will still be here on friday

Kbear Mon 11-Oct-10 14:10:45

Still gutted I can't now attend... honestly, grandparents taking holidays shouldn't be allowed ... shirking their childcare responsibilities... mumble... grumble...

BorgQueen Mon 11-Oct-10 14:11:33

vnmum - DH is sad that he can't drive the RS too, he had an Escort RS many years ago and he loved it.

Where are you all coming from? - we're coming from Stoke - so not too far, DH works in Derby anyway so knows the road like the back of his hand.

HeadlessLadyBiscuit Mon 11-Oct-10 14:26:20

I will be getting in some fast driving practice by haring up from London. I am going to be standing waiting outside the nursery when it opens at 8am in the hope that I can get there in time for a bacon roll before we start

PosieParker Mon 11-Oct-10 14:27:21

I am going to wear there!!!

vnmum Mon 11-Oct-10 14:31:16

we are coming from liverpool, so 2 hours of motorway for us.

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