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URGENT: Places still available for MN-Ford Drive Day at Donington - Friday 15 October

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 06-Oct-10 10:17:01

We have some places available at the unforgettable Ford test drive day at Donington - are you able to come? If you are interested please check out the details below then email with your details and we'll send you an invite. We need to have names and numbers confirmed by Monday so please do email now to secure your place. First come first served.

If you've been invited and are yet to respond please email your response NOW so we don't give your place to someone else smile

You are welcome to bring a friend/ partner/ MIL/ DH/ etc.

This is your opportunity to experience the full Ford range, as well as learn new driving skills and even get the chance to be driven at high speed by a professional driving instructor.

These are the details:

~ It's on Friday 15th October at Donington Park Racing Circuit, East Midlands.
~ The day starts at 9.30am, finishes around 3.30pm and you'll need to stay for the whole session
~ Sorry but no children allowed
~ Both breakfast and lunch will be provided

What you'll experience:

~ Ford Ranger off road - an instructor will teach you the skills to handle off road driving, with the chance to drive a Ford Ranger 4x4
~ Safety and technology update - you'll be shown all about Ford cars, including how to safely fit car seats, details on driving technology and using convenience features
~ Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) demonstration - you can test the effectiveness of our braking systems whilst tackling different road trials
~ Hot laps - a professional instructor will take you on a high speed lap in a Focus RS (Europe's fastest production car) - helmets are provided!!
~ Road test - see what you think about the new S-MAX, new Galaxy and latest Mondeo by putting them through their paces on the roads surrounding Donington Park

Age and driving restrictions

There are some restrictions on who can attend, as Ford Insurance will only cover drivers who are aged 25 or over, have had a full driving licence for three years or more and have no convictions for dangerous driving. You'll also need to bring both parts of your driving licence on the day. Please don't forget otherwise you'll be unable to drive the vehicles yourself!

What we ask of you

Please note the day will be filmed and video content will be used both by Mumsnet and Ford. All we ask is that you feedback your thoughts about the day on a Mumsnet thread.
NB: The participants accept that he/she shall be solely responsible for any decision as to his/her fitness to drive.

What next?

Please email with your details and someone will get back to you.

LynetteScavo Fri 08-Oct-10 16:10:27

I think I'm getting Donnington and Silverstone mixed up. grin I've filled out the survey, and have a satnav, so hopefully I will be there next Friday(Although I will have to tell DM to cancel her random gardening important jobs to take DC to school and pick them up. DH didn't sound very impressed when I told him, but that's because he can't come and is actually envy.

llareggub Fri 08-Oct-10 16:18:46

BIWI, really I didn't think you were angling for a lift! I was just trying to work out if we could offer you one but I realised I have no idea where we'll be.

I'm looking forward to it.

LadyBiscuit Fri 08-Oct-10 17:00:54

I will be there too! Oooh I am very excited. I feel like I need a padded gilet

vnmum Fri 08-Oct-10 17:15:31

I will be there too with DH who insisted on booking the day off work so he could come. FIL is doing the school run and babysitting for us.

Looking forward to meeting you all there.

LynetteScavo Fri 08-Oct-10 18:33:15

OMG, What should I wear????????????

And when we get there are we going to divulge our MN names to each other? hmm

But more importantly, what should I wear???

I bet Triny And Susannah don't have a section in their book about what to wear to a Ford test drive day.

LilRedWG Fri 08-Oct-10 18:42:20

DH will be wearing a pink dress with a yellow feather in his hair, just so he is recognisable.

LynetteScavo Fri 08-Oct-10 18:46:45

You want to see the paper counterpart of my driving licence? You think I know where that is? Have I ever presented myself as organised? Do you really want me to spend the next week searching the house for it?

Now where would someone with 3 children who has moved house six times keep the paper counter part of their driving licence? confused

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 08-Oct-10 19:25:18

I only have a paper driving licence! Have lived at the same address for 22 years so have had no need to change!

LadyBiscuit Fri 08-Oct-10 20:11:12

I had mine when I went to France in August. So it's with the passports. And I can't have lost them can I? confused

BIWI - is that legal?

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 08-Oct-10 20:17:01

Yes - it's still valid until I'm 70 or I move, whichever comes first.

LynetteScavo Fri 08-Oct-10 21:17:49

DH says it's either in his office, or in the huge pile of boxes at the back of the living room which he has cleared out of the office.

I'm tired just thinking about it.

So what to wear?????

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 08-Oct-10 21:21:34

I think comfortable and casual - with shoes that will suit driving. Trainers or flat boots/shoes.

LynetteScavo Fri 08-Oct-10 21:31:27

Do you think converse with wide boyfriend jeans, or flat knee high boots with skinny jeans?

BecauseImWorthIt Fri 08-Oct-10 21:39:19

Now you're confusing me with someone who knows what they're talking about grin

Where's Cod when you need her?!

LadyBiscuit Fri 08-Oct-10 21:51:14

I'm going with the former I think LS. My Converse are way more comfy that my boots. But then the wide jeans aren't as good as the skinnies. But my skinnies are getting a bit too snug as I have been greedy paying less attention to what I eat. Aaargh <head explodes>

Danthe4th Sat 09-Oct-10 22:18:40

7o miles/ 1 1/2 hrs according to google, i've got a random day off work, thinking about coming if i can rope a friend in as well.

NoahAndTheWhale Sat 09-Oct-10 23:13:05

I am coming Have no idea what I am going to wear.

Have organised DH to do school runs. Am hoping he and the children have fun

pinkem Sun 10-Oct-10 11:43:32

I'm coming too grin don't have a clue what to wear and I will start the hunt for the paper part of my licence this afternoon!

hobbgoblin Sun 10-Oct-10 11:51:22

I love that you are all having the same style and beauty dilemma as me. I am too fat for my skinnies. S'alright for school run but not filming!

llareggub Sun 10-Oct-10 12:13:58


I didn't know there was going to be filming.

<Joins clothing debate>

LynetteScavo Sun 10-Oct-10 12:15:42

DS1 (who is 11) reliably tells me they are going to put a camera in the car, and my spots and nose are gong to look huge.

Just for the record I don't have any spots.

LynetteScavo Sun 10-Oct-10 12:16:50

DH says if you want to know what to wear, google Penny Mallory, as she has the definitive answer, apparently.

hobbgoblin Sun 10-Oct-10 12:19:43

Well that would appear to mean denim and leather and possibly tassles or fringing judging by her taste...hmm

hobbgoblin Sun 10-Oct-10 12:22:23

My best accessory may prove to be a gumshield so that the in car cam makes it seem as though I am saying "duck" and "fit".

DP disappointed that hot lap is as a passenger.

LynetteScavo Sun 10-Oct-10 12:23:41

Oh god, I just googled her. She looks scary.

DH seems to think she's ace, though. hmm

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