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What would you do with a spare 20 mins each week? Tell Cif for a chance to win a £250 voucher NOW CLOSED

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 12-Jun-14 16:31:26

We all sometimes wish we had some extra time in the day, and we've been asked by Cif to find out what Mumsnetters would do with a spare 20 minutes.

Here's what Cif have to say, "Our latest cleaning product - Cif Express Direct to Floor can be used direct on the floor and small surfaces for a sparkling clean home. It leaves a long lasting and fresh fragrance. It's suitable for tiled, laminate and washable/ varnished wood floors. To use, you simply squirt the product directly onto the floor, then wipe with a damp mop, there's no need to rinse and it dries really fast! Now available in Antibacterial, Lemon & Apple Flowers and Wild Orchid & Velvet flowers, the RRP is £2.00 for 750 ml."

Check out the MNers review video here (and check out their feedback here):

Cif Express Direct to Floor Cleaner saves you time, so Cif would love to know what you would you do with a spare 20 mins each week.

How would you spend those extra 20 minutes? Maybe you'd have a lie in? Or watch an extra episode of your favourite sitcom? Perhaps you'd read a chapter or two of a new book?

Whatever you would do with your spare 20 minutes, Cif would love to hear about it.

Everyone who adds a comment will be entered into a prize draw where one lucky MNer will win a £250 voucher for the store of their choice*.

Please note comments on this thread might be used by Cif on their website or on their social media channels: please only add a comment if you're happy for your comment to be used.

Thanks and good luck,

* NB vouchers can be chosen from the range available at

CMOTDibbler Thu 12-Jun-14 16:35:50

You mean really spare? Like there was nothing I should be doing at all. Wow - I actually can't imagine this!

I'd go and sit in the sun with a coffee and a book, so I could sit and enjoy the peace of it!

Holfin Thu 12-Jun-14 17:46:58

I would probably have a 20 minute nap grin

snice Thu 12-Jun-14 17:47:29

Mug of tea, comfy chair, book-every time

JuniperTisane Thu 12-Jun-14 17:49:43

Sit on my arse with a book and silence.

I never get to sit on my arse with a book and I can't remember the last time I had silence in the day angry

RubySparks Thu 12-Jun-14 18:02:48

So usually that means a cup of tea and quick look at mumsnet!

MissRee Thu 12-Jun-14 18:06:58

Have a poo. On my own with no children screaming for me!

starlight36 Thu 12-Jun-14 18:08:49

I'd take the time to paint my toenails properly, rather than the quick five minute job which is currently embarrassing me!

TheHouseatWhoCorner Thu 12-Jun-14 18:14:14

I'd phone Janice for a proper chat. She has the most interesting life of anyone I know and she makes me laugh til my jaw aches.

LindseyandMatthew Thu 12-Jun-14 18:17:25

I would have a hot cup of tea, read a book and just relax

CharmQuark Thu 12-Jun-14 18:20:54

Oooh, walk to work, go to the cinema, stay and have a bit of a relax in the sun after my mad dash 'get-fit' swim at our local lido, learn French (properly), plant some edible things in the garden and tend them - tomatoes, French beans, strawberries, maybe, do more (some!) cleaning....go camping, sort out my home filing, get the frint room decorated, write to some old friends,

My 20 mins is like a tardis.

CharmQuark Thu 12-Jun-14 18:22:02

Oh, and I'd phone Janice, too, if ThehouseAtWhoCorner would give me her number.

Janice had better have two lots of spare 20 minuteses.

moonegirl Thu 12-Jun-14 18:27:31

have a nap smile

ScrambledEggAndToast Thu 12-Jun-14 18:30:11

I would go to my favourite cafe and have a vanilla milkshake and a slice of carrot cake, my mouth is watering thinking about it grin

gazzalw Thu 12-Jun-14 18:32:41

Read a book - you can't beat it and there's never enough time to read - so an extra 20 minutes a day would make a real difference!

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer Thu 12-Jun-14 18:33:19

If I had an extra totally free 20 minutes a week, with absolutely nothing I had to do, I'd spend it with DD1. We'd play together or read. I feel like I spend so much time cooking, cleaning etc, I'd love to spend more time focused on DD1.

EddieVeddersfoxymop Thu 12-Jun-14 18:43:01

Free time? What's that?? Seriously, I would relax with a cup of herbal tea, a good book and a fine piece. I volunteer for an organisation that means I come home drained emotionally and physically so a chance to switch off from clients and their problems would be bliss.

BlackeyedSusan Thu 12-Jun-14 18:57:24


DrFunkesFamilyBandSolution Thu 12-Jun-14 18:57:28

Go for a jog. I'll give up after 2 minutes so spend the next 18 sitting on a bench watching the world go by

Poofus Thu 12-Jun-14 19:03:30

Sleep! If you can switch my toddler off for 20 minutes, so I can have a nap, I will be over the moon.

Poofus Thu 12-Jun-14 19:04:50

Who's Janice? confused

HappySunflower Thu 12-Jun-14 19:18:58

I would linger in the bath for a bit longer with my book!

Petal7 Thu 12-Jun-14 19:21:09

I would read the newspaper and drink a frothy coffee. With Radio 4 on instead of nursery rhymes!

Roseformeplease Thu 12-Jun-14 19:21:22

I would make a coffee, get my DD to make some of her fabulous scones and sit and chat to her and DS and DH about nothing in particular.

PlentyOfPubeGardens Thu 12-Jun-14 19:26:40

I'd fit in an extra yoga session smile

(not really, I'd sit about drinking coffee and reading like the rest of you)

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