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Tell us what you do with unwanted toys - for a chance to win 4 tickets to a premiere of Toy Story 3

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HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 09-Jul-10 16:44:04

Message withdrawn

PfftTheMagicDragon Fri 09-Jul-10 16:49:11

I recycle them into tasteful ornaments. I find that people really appreciate these as gifts. Particularly the ones with dried on milk sick on them.

morethanyoubargainfor Fri 09-Jul-10 16:51:57

We donate most to charity. The ones we dont we sell and ds has a % of 'profit' to buy new toys!

Failing that the dogs are always appreciative of any disgarded toys.

Tortington Fri 09-Jul-10 16:52:25

you tell the child to sort them out - fill up a box and then take child and box to a charity shop and with a wink to the old lady at the til say in a affected high voice' ooh tommy is giving his toys to help .

old lady will play along

belledechocolatefluffybunny Fri 09-Jul-10 16:54:14

I take the more robust toys to the local childrens hospital, I pass some on to nieces and nephews and pass the teddy's onto the local charity shop that is more like a teddy bear shop. We recycle damaged/toys with bits missing but there's not many of these as ds is careful with his toys.

ShinyAndNew Fri 09-Jul-10 17:04:56

I give them to my sister for her children or give them to charity shops/local playgroups.

I pass them on to friends, charity shop them or carboot them.

To get them out of the house is either a cover of darkness job or a case of saying 'Right, santa won't bring you any toys at christmas if he thinks you already have too many, so we need to clear some out.'

SrStanislaus Fri 09-Jul-10 17:12:34

I freecycle anything that hasnt got an immediate new home within family or friends. Choosing what to get rid of is always done alone or the house would be stuffed solely with old toys and there would be no room for people .The throw away choice is based on
1] observation of how often it is played with
2] the age range of said toy and relative age of child (but this isn't strictly adhered to)
3] how annoying the toy is in relation to noise,parts/pieces, arguments caused.

ProfYaffle Fri 09-Jul-10 17:13:21

How do I get the toys out of the house? Wait til the kids are at nursery/school! We had a major trauma once when I freecycled our sand table, forgot to arrange pick up for during nursery time and had to peel a sobbing dd2 of it and thrust it into the hands of the mortified collector.

purpleturtle Fri 09-Jul-10 17:13:53

I find that moving house on a regular basis enables things to "go missing" in the move grin.

Having said that, I do try to encourage my DC to part with things that even they recognise they haven't played with in a long time.

I have been known to pass on stuff in good nick to nieces or godchildren at birthdays/Christmas - or just to get it out of my house! Otherwise, it goes to people I know through church or the to the charity shop.

zapostrophe Fri 09-Jul-10 17:21:58

Message withdrawn

sinpan Fri 09-Jul-10 17:31:46

Old ones - give them to charity shops
New ones - give them to our local priest to pass on to children who are short of toys

scrappydappydoo Fri 09-Jul-10 17:41:14

Charity Shop, or ebay for me smile.

ShatnersBassoon Fri 09-Jul-10 17:41:42

Any very good quality or very well liked toys get given to younger family.

Everything else gets given to a local hospice charity shop.

weblette Fri 09-Jul-10 17:43:33

Dcs school has a toy sale at their Summer fair. Amazing what you can get rid of without them noticing

You do however run the risk of them buying it back or worse, as dd did this year, getting some hideously huge soft toy instead

lisasimpson Fri 09-Jul-10 17:44:51

car boot sale or nearly new sale if very nice and in good condition

renaldo Fri 09-Jul-10 17:47:32

'put them in the attic for when you have your own children' (aka take to oxfam when DCs are at school)

JGBMum Fri 09-Jul-10 17:47:40

Old toys go to school fete or christmas bazaar.

Larger items, eg, old bikes & scooters either go to friends children, or pass them onto the reception teacher at DDs primary school.

Good quality puzzles also go into school, because I know how many games they get through in a year.

However, all cuddly toys are kept - forever! as DD won't let me pass on any of them.

LackaDAISYcal Fri 09-Jul-10 17:53:26

Some get passed on to friends/family, some get out up the loft for a rainy day, some bet car booted or donated to the school for thier toy sale, and the rest we give to the local doctor's surgery as they get through loads of toys which always seem to go walkabout.

heymammy Fri 09-Jul-10 17:58:49

I ebay the good quality ones in bundles so the buyer does end up getting a good deal and I get rid of heaps of stuff at a time. Anything that is not worth ebaying goes to the charity is 7 so is becoming more involved in deciding what to part with. She has also agreed to ebay all her Polly Pocket stuff and I will give her the money this time to spend on something else.

DD2 is nearly 4 and quite good at choosing books/soft toys for the charity shop. She doesn't usually ask for them back either which makes it easier. We go with the angle of giving them to children who maybe don't have a lot of toys and she seems happy with that arrangement.

Pretty much all of their baby toys (with only a very few sentimental exceptions) have been ebayed <heartless emoticon>. We simply have no storage space.

MrsJohnDeere Fri 09-Jul-10 17:59:17

Unwanted but used ones get given to our local toddler group.

Unwanted and unused ones get donated as raffle prizes, or given to ds1's pre-school if they can make use of it.

allstarsprincess Fri 09-Jul-10 18:12:12

A local school runs a toy library that they always need more donations for. Decent toys go down this route.

Those that are still in good order but battered go to charity shops.

The plastic ones that break etc go in recycling.

Any that are grown out of but another friend has shown an interest in are given away.

Books are kept indefinitely.

I always decline the free plastic crap that comes with kids meals. DD does not need them and I hate to see waste.

GoldenGreen Fri 09-Jul-10 18:12:56

We recently recycled a lot of small toys by putting them in ds' 4th birthday party bags! He never noticed as we handed them out as the party finished.

lionheart Fri 09-Jul-10 18:17:39

At nightfall, by stealth. smile

asdx2 Fri 09-Jul-10 18:18:34

We bought a shed which is now full with the overflow of toys from the loft. I really do need to part with some of them but I'm a sentimental fool and they have fond memories attached. Have decided though to donate some to the school fair as dd will directly benefit from monies raised there. Lots I'll keep and pass them on to grandchildren when I eventually have them I hope.

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