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NOW CLOSED: Fairy is 50! We want to know what you used to make from old Fairy bottles. Space rocket? Snowman? Tell us and you could win a year's supply of Fairy!

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GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 04-Feb-10 11:44:47

Fairy turns 50 this year and to mark the occasion it's bringing back the iconic white bottle as a limited edition - look out for it on supermarket shelves from next week.

In the meantime, they're asking for your stories about the original Fairy bottles - did you (or your siblings) make a rocket, plane or crayon holder?

Do you remember John ("here's one I made earlier") Noakes on Blue Peter using one to make the Blue Peter rocket?

Did you want to make something but, just like the ad, your mum never seemed to have an empty bottle? What did you yearn to make?

We'd like you to take a sudsy trip down memory lane. The best stories will win a year's supply of 'mi-ild green, Fair-ry Liquid'!

And if you have (or could take) a photo of a Fairy bottle craft-y-creation still knocking around from the past few decades, please email it to

Your stories will be used in the Mumsnet Fairy microsite, which is coming soon (featuring new crafty Fairy creations!).

If you're selected to win one of the prizes, we'll look up your email address and get in touch by 12 February 2010.

Thanks and good luck,

Figgyrolls Thu 24-Mar-11 17:46:49

Damnit - I really should look at the date!

Figgyrolls Thu 24-Mar-11 17:46:22

I am one of those children who always wanted to make something a la blue peter, my mother always had fairy - brilliant I thought except it was never ever empty - I later discovered that my mother kept accidentally throwing the bottle out forgetting I was desperate for it!

Oh well, I keep doing the same to dd - although we would now really like to make a penguin, please pretty please, could you just send me the empty bottle? grin

ouryve Tue 11-Jan-11 13:20:56

And oops - didn't notice that this was on old thread, revived!

ouryve Tue 11-Jan-11 13:19:56

I did do lots of crafty stuff with old packaging as a kid - made almost an entire hosue for my Sindy, but can't remember anything I made with washing up liquid bottles.

As others have said, they did make great bubble blowers with a bit of water added when almost empty, though and fab water squirters on a hot summer's day!

TonyIommi Mon 10-Jan-11 18:28:52

I used melted down Fairy bottles to make finger prosthetics so that I could play the guitar again. That was more than 40 years ago. I went on to have some success with a pop group called Black Sabbath -- perhaps you might've heard of us?

mustrunmore Fri 02-Apr-10 18:53:53

Ok, this was one cunning bit of marketing. I cant believe it has worked on me!
I got my 6 bottles, duly happy but commented on here that I was a bit hmm about it lasting a year. Lo and behold, a cheque for £10 arrived in the post from the Fairy people; no letter. I felt a bit ashamed, as I assume it was a result of my comment blush
But, full marks to them, as this really did impress me; they could've just ignored my remarks. Couple this with the fact that when I used the Fairy, I remembered just how good it is! It really does make your dishes shine, just like the adverts said when I was little! And it really is better quality than tescos own!

So, well done Fairy people, you've converted me grin

aristocat Tue 16-Mar-10 18:01:44

thank you MN and Fairy

mine arrived today

smile smile

pixierara Fri 12-Mar-10 08:51:29

Thank you very much MN and fairy - my 6 bottles arrived this morning - very nostalgic, bit like when wispa returned but not quite as scrumptiously tasting!

littlesleepyhead Thu 11-Mar-10 18:47:06

me either

aristocat Thu 11-Mar-10 18:29:26

none here

Hulababy Thu 11-Mar-10 14:37:42

Mine has arrived 6 bottle of 50th anniversary Fairy. Thanks so much

aristocat Wed 10-Mar-10 18:16:21


i have been waiting expectantly for the fairy.................

do you realise it will be just in time for mothers day grin

Hulababy Wed 10-Mar-10 16:26:02

Pumphreydidit - mine broke down 3 days later

Pumphreydidit Wed 10-Mar-10 16:03:14

Yes Norbert, I think you may have something there. <lashes self to sink and does zombie plan>

NorbertDentressangle Wed 10-Mar-10 15:57:44

Hang on a minute....this isn't part of an evil plan hatched by Fairy to gradually sabotage peoples dishwashers just as they receive free samples of washing-up liquid laced with brain-washing chemicals is it.

oooh, I feel all strange......I can hear voices......."I must wash up by hand......I must wash up by hand.....I must wash up by hand........"

Pumphreydidit Wed 10-Mar-10 15:28:18

Ooh, that is quite spooky as my dishwasher has broken down today just hours before the Fairy liquid arrives....shock

Hulababy Wed 10-Mar-10 15:22:23

Thanks for update. Been hoping it would be soon as, with a broken dishwasher, we are running low on washing up liquid.

I did recieve my Omega 3 bottles today though.

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 10-Mar-10 15:19:02

Hello again. Right, we have called Fairy and they assure us that you should all be receiving your Fairy products tomorrow.

They are sorry for the delay and say it was due to 'a delay in shipment which was beyond our control.'

HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 10-Mar-10 14:13:43

Hello. Sorry to hear you haven't got your Fairy Liquid yet. We're trying to find out what's occurring...

aristocat Sun 07-Mar-10 11:17:38


i have won this too but not received anything yet sad

JackBauer Sat 06-Mar-10 19:08:30

I'm with you housemum, I can probably make it through tomorrow but i am making roast chicken so that will finish off my reserves of liquid.....

Housemum Fri 05-Mar-10 21:48:34

Am rinsing out and squeezing the last dregs in the hope the new stuff arrives as I am a Timothy Tightarse who won't spend a quid when there's some free washing up liquid en route!

EasyEggs Fri 05-Mar-10 11:06:04

Still no Fairy here either.......

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 05-Mar-10 08:13:55

Have they arried yet?!

JustAnotherManicMummy Thu 04-Mar-10 11:31:38

Nothing arrived yet. Have cleared out one shelf the loft and the shed in preparation.

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