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NOW CLOSED: Fairy is 50! We want to know what you used to make from old Fairy bottles. Space rocket? Snowman? Tell us and you could win a year's supply of Fairy!

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GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 04-Feb-10 11:44:47

Fairy turns 50 this year and to mark the occasion it's bringing back the iconic white bottle as a limited edition - look out for it on supermarket shelves from next week.

In the meantime, they're asking for your stories about the original Fairy bottles - did you (or your siblings) make a rocket, plane or crayon holder?

Do you remember John ("here's one I made earlier") Noakes on Blue Peter using one to make the Blue Peter rocket?

Did you want to make something but, just like the ad, your mum never seemed to have an empty bottle? What did you yearn to make?

We'd like you to take a sudsy trip down memory lane. The best stories will win a year's supply of 'mi-ild green, Fair-ry Liquid'!

And if you have (or could take) a photo of a Fairy bottle craft-y-creation still knocking around from the past few decades, please email it to

Your stories will be used in the Mumsnet Fairy microsite, which is coming soon (featuring new crafty Fairy creations!).

If you're selected to win one of the prizes, we'll look up your email address and get in touch by 12 February 2010.

Thanks and good luck,

TheElephant Thu 04-Feb-10 11:46:31

er a squirter to attack your brother?
dull eh?

TheElephant Thu 04-Feb-10 11:46:59

would i win with a device to use a la turkey baster? ( inemination_

bran Thu 04-Feb-10 11:57:48

How many bottles is a year's supply of Fairy? I bought a special offer 3-for-2 in late 2006 and I still have most of the third bottle left. So a year's supply would probably be about 50 pence worth for me. grin

We always used to make rockets or the turrets of castles out of them. But Fairy bottles are the wrong shape for that now.

YouLukaAmazing Thu 04-Feb-10 11:59:55

Message withdrawn

shonaspurtle Thu 04-Feb-10 12:00:11

I made the Blue Peter snowman (scrunched up tissues all over for the snow).

That was a rare treat though. My mum used to cut the Fairy bottle in half to make sure she got all of it out sad.

YouLukaAmazing Thu 04-Feb-10 12:03:23

Message withdrawn

Hulababy Thu 04-Feb-10 12:10:47

I remember making pencil pots from them. Would cut the tops of them and then decorate the outsides with all sorts of stuff.

hobbgoblin Thu 04-Feb-10 12:12:53

Ahhhahahhahha... my parents used to cut the bottle in two too. And add water to the remains to make them go further.

We just used to use the bottles at the end of their life as magic fairy bubble producers. You get loads of fairy-esque bubbles after you add a bit of water and squeeze gently hmm

Now, me and the DC do the Fairy song at bath time. (When I was little we used to recreate the Camay advert in the bath) 'For leggies that do dishes that are soft as your face...' replacing with various body parts.

They especially love if I let them include willies in the lyrics. <odd family>

TheElephant Thu 04-Feb-10 12:13:34

yes in two too
and mum washed out freezer bags

Cyb Thu 04-Feb-10 12:15:29

I read in one of those top tips books if you tip half out and refill with water, pop in your airing cupboard it will magaically thicken and become proper fairy liquid again. So you get twice as much.

A bit like those ropey friendship cakes that did the rounds in the 70's and 80's

babster Thu 04-Feb-10 12:20:30

I remember making a Dougal (Magic Roundabout) - perhaps it was a Blue Peter creation? Cut up yellow wool into even lengths, glue along middle to hand down evenly, eyes, feet, tail, tongue - job's a good'un!

snigger Thu 04-Feb-10 12:22:12

Don't bring them back - my early teens were blighted by the humiliation of Mum's fairy-bottle bird feeders, the low point being when she attached one to a cuphook outside my bedroom window so I could watch the Fairy logo spinning slowly, upside down, and smell her lard-and-seed concoctions even long after they'd gone.

As far as arts and crafts go, I'm sure there was a kaleidoscope once, but only because we didn't have the kitchen roll innard as required by Blue Peter.

We did once moot a Fairy bottle as a suitably space age coffin for a hamster but this was overturned, even in the '70s, as being inorganic and wrong.

MaryBS Thu 04-Feb-10 12:23:50

I have been advised that the old Fairy bottles make very good dog collars for Vicars!

YouLukaAmazing Thu 04-Feb-10 12:27:50

Message withdrawn

MaryBS Thu 04-Feb-10 12:30:04

No its true, not an urban myth, trust me I know a vicar!

YouLukaAmazing Thu 04-Feb-10 12:31:44

Message withdrawn

VinegarTits Thu 04-Feb-10 12:41:48

I hate fairy liquid, it leaves a residue on my dishes that stinks once it is dry

There are much better quality washing up liquids on the market that are much much cheaper, they can stick their years supply, thanks

RustyBear Thu 04-Feb-10 12:42:14

At the junior school I work at, the Year 3 children make pneumatic animals like this with a balloon inside an egg box, and a squeezy bottle at the end of a tube. You squeeze the bottle to inflate the balloon which pushes the egg-box 'mouth' open.

Sadly the new Fairy bottles are not as good as the old ones because they are less flexible and much more difficult for a small hand to squeeze - so if they do bring back the old ones, the Year 3 teachers may be bulk-buying!

MaryBS Thu 04-Feb-10 12:44:24

Thats a bishop in my pic, YouLukaAmazing, I've no idea where they get their dog collars from

YouLukaAmazing Thu 04-Feb-10 12:54:00

Message withdrawn

bibbitybobbityhat Thu 04-Feb-10 12:56:08

At University I was in my friend's final television course piece. She did a spoof of Blue Peter and I played the female presenter. I had to "make" a tea caddy out of a fairy liquid bottle, except of course the shots were cut so that when I said "and here's one I made earlier!" it was a real Jacksons of Piccadilly tea caddy, not the hacked-about fairy bottle. Gosh how we laughed grin. We also had a real snake ("a special guest from Chessington Zoo") whose handler was played by a now v famous actor. I've got it on cd somewhere ...

aristocat Thu 04-Feb-10 13:03:02

very boring here........only made rockets and castle turrets
but was great fun smile

bring the white bottle back for good grin

bibbitybobbityhat Thu 04-Feb-10 13:05:31

Oh yes I remember the Dougal from Magic Roundabout grin.

Ohforfoxsake Thu 04-Feb-10 13:20:57

Bangles, cut a bit off, wrap in wool, accessorise any number of outfits. I'd still be doing it today if they hadn't changed the bottles.

Infact, I think they should bring back the old bottles. There's a generation missing out. Such fun we had hmm

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