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NOW CLOSED: Vote for your top sniffle-busting tip - and you could win £500 of Center Parcs vouchers!

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HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 03-Feb-09 16:04:07

Hello. A while ago, all you lovely Mumsnetters gave us some brilliant tips for surviving winter colds and sniffles. Well, now we want to know which of those tips you think is the very best of all.

And, thanks to the very nice folk at Kleenex Anti-Viral Tissues, everyone who votes for their top tip will be in with the chance to win £500 of Center Parcs vouchers.

All you need to do is check out the tips and then click on the link at the bottom to come back to this thread and post the name of the Mumsnetter whose tip you liked best. (Some Mumsnetters have got more than one tip on the list, so if you're voting for one of them, please specify tip 1 or tip 2).

All votes must be posted on this thread by the closing date: midnight on Tuesday 24th February. Good luck! smile

shoptilidrop Tue 03-Feb-09 16:35:38

I vote Flossish !

Lizzylou Tue 03-Feb-09 16:38:04

Flossish again here

geordieminx Tue 03-Feb-09 16:40:08

Zazen aka Jack Bauer

theLoneFeeder Tue 03-Feb-09 16:40:12


AnarchyHeart Tue 03-Feb-09 16:40:32


BCNS Tue 03-Feb-09 16:45:37


NorbertDentressangle Tue 03-Feb-09 16:46:04


jetgirl Tue 03-Feb-09 16:47:45

HuwEdwards - I'm definitely from the camp of building up kids' immune systems!

Whomovedmychocolate tip 1

Thats my vote becuase it was hilarious! (and true!)

compo Tue 03-Feb-09 16:53:49


madhairday Tue 03-Feb-09 16:54:56

I vote TheDevilWearsPrimark

ladycornyofsilke Tue 03-Feb-09 16:56:56


GumsNRoses Tue 03-Feb-09 16:58:29

Whomovedmychocolate (tip 1) grin

TrillianAstra Tue 03-Feb-09 17:02:47


definitely not playing favourites because I can't remember seeing her post once, but I think being freakily sweet and caring to sufferers of manflu just sounds like fun grin

By the way, the best actual practical tip is from 3littlefrogs (tip1)

BONKERZ Tue 03-Feb-09 17:09:17

hassled = this tip is exactly what i have done and i must say it works!

vonsudenfed Tue 03-Feb-09 17:13:22

Parachutes, just because I like the taste of it (the honey and lemon, not the parachute...)

Tigerschick Tue 03-Feb-09 17:16:09

thumbwitch - tip1

ChippyMinton Tue 03-Feb-09 17:21:49

Starlight McKenzie - I've never heard that before.

liath Tue 03-Feb-09 17:26:46


Mind you, I'll be on the look out for people who smell oddly metallic from now on......grin

hippipotamiHasLostTwoPounds Tue 03-Feb-09 17:27:13


Because all teh other tips I'd heard/read before. But this one was new to me!

MarlaSinger Tue 03-Feb-09 17:33:18

I vote for Flossish

OnlyTeaForMe Tue 03-Feb-09 17:36:54


VinoEsmeralda Tue 03-Feb-09 17:43:27


prettybird Tue 03-Feb-09 17:46:07

Can't decide between StarlightmcKenzie and ExpatinScotland. Can I vote for them both?

runningmonkey Tue 03-Feb-09 17:47:23

Huwedwards for me

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